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Need a video or animation to tell your story and speak to your audience?

Creativa is an award-winning video production studio that prides itself in making the right video for you. As such, we have worked on a wide variety of projects, and are ready to create whatever’s necessary.

Browse through our full range of video production and animation services below to check out some examples of our work.

Promote your brand, perfect your pitch and share your story

Convey your message however you want. With years of experience, we can deliver videos in a variety of styles and formats so you can choose what’s right for the brand. Explore your options, or get in touch and share your idea; we can pitch to you what we think will work best.

Get animated

Animation is our specialty! With plenty of options available, the choice of animation style is all yours. Explore more of our animation possibilities with the buttons below.

Break the mold and create out-of-the-box content

Using the latest video technologies, we can create content that stands out. Be it an interactive video, a 360° recording or a virtual or augmented reality experience, our digital projects result in memorable, engaging content.

Connect. Captivate. Engage. Personalise your message.

Would you like interactivity with that? Let your audience take the lead with personalised videos and interactive, immersive experiences. Create dynamic, custom videos with interchangeable variables that speak directly to each viewer. See the categories below to see how you can tailor your message.

Not sure what you want?

Our videos serve all sorts of purposes. We can make the video right for you and your brand. Whether you want to promote something, educate and explain, advocate for change or personalise your communications, we’re here to help. Explore our services and see examples by exploring the links below.
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