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Role Play Videos

One thing is to talk about a scenario or a situation, but it’s another to actually see it play out, to travel to the Australian outback, watch a heated conflict unfold or find yourself in the throes of a life and death situation. These videos allow for any scene specific to your business to play out any way you want. They are perfect for training, promoting content, product launches or anything where you can show your service or product having a positive effect in any given situation.

It’s also an opportunity to be as creative, cinematic and often as outlandish as you can imagine. It’s a chance to stand out from your competitors, which means fresh ideas, and new ways of approaching content that might have become dry or dated. For Creativa it is the Role Play productions that excite our clients the most, as they are always interesting, engaging and therefore some of the most effective videos we produce. With an extensive in house team complimented by our data base of go to actors we are able to create exciting and compelling content within any budget.

Creativa holds a special place in this market, as we are one of the few teams that has the capacity to develop and execute at each stage of production. Because the client experience is so important to us, we believe in having as much control over the production as we can, which means having internal people in every key role at each step of the process. This also allows us to offer a satisfaction guarantee, which includes unlimited reviews within each stage of production, meaning we can keep working until the end product is exactly what the client paid for.

Check out our recent role play video productions work above.

What Our Clients Say
The team at Creativa know their stuff - highly professional, incredibly creative, yet very personable. Any feedback is dealt with quickly and there's never any hassle. Their time management skills are beyond compare - you never have to follow them up!READ MORE Testimonial On the basis of the excellent videos it has produced for eSafetyWomen, the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner would be happy to recommend Creativa to other clients. READ MORE I would just like to thank you all for an incredible video production. From start to finish, this video is excellent in every way. You have taken our vision and not only made it a reality but improved on what we had imagined to a point of exceeding our expectations.READ MORE Testimonial Creativa were engaged to create a series of videos to explain the Victorian health system in plain language, to make it easier for consumers to find the options for service and support which meet their needs. Creativa successfully delivered this, across a complex environment of stakeholders in the health sector. We are very happy with the end product.READ MORE All staff and contractors have demonstrated a 'don't stop til we've got it right' approach. It's a good fit for AITSL's demands for excellence.READ MORE Testimonial Creativa won my confidence from the outset with their consultative and informative approach. We are absolutely delighted with the videos they produced.READ MORE Professional, friendly and creative team that worked with us to create a product that we are happy with. Flexible and accommodating of our requirements. READ MORE Testimonial I would gladly recommend Creativa to anyone, especially to people working in the non-corporate world who are seeking to create a different kind of video. The team smoothly guided the process from start to finish, and I was very impressed both with their creative vision and the production support.READ MORE Testimonial We were pleasantly surprised with how easy the process for filming and editing was with Creativa. We are very happy with the video produced and appreciated the high level of customer service.READ MORE Everything was very easy. Good creative input and helped us focus our ideas to get a great result.READ MORE Testimonial Awesome team to work with and have delivered 3 great products for Kegstar. Steph is a star and made the process seamless. I'll be back for more videos in the future.READ MORE There are so many things I like about doing business with Creativa aside from that I believe they’ll do a better job than anyone else out there! They provide us with great advice – even when it means they lose an opportunity – because they act with integrity and I know I can trust them completely.READ MORE From our first meeting to discuss our project through to delivery of three videos, Creativa consistently brought value to our collaboration - being creative, helpful, professional and courteous.READ MORE The service, creative support and quality of product I get when I work with Creativa is outstanding. They work with both my talents and my project brief to hit the mark every single time.READ MORE The ability for the Creativa team to listen, ask intuitive questions to gain a deeper understanding of this initiative for Biarri Networks gave us a deep confidence that we were entrusting this project with an organisation that "got it" The result in a such a short period of time has been beyond expectations. READ MORE If you’re looking for a video provider, your search is over! I know it’s a cliché and may sound condescending, but we honestly thought about buying this business – Creativa are that good.READ MORE The perfect balance of leaving decisions up to me, but helping me with your expertise to make the best decisions where needed.READ MORE Testimonial
Let us update you on all things videos

Let us update you on all things videos