Engage your audience with cutting edge personalised and interactive video

Press start

Personalised and interactive animation come together in our roller coaster experience to create a one-of-a-kind thrill ride.

Entering just your name kicks off the personalised experience, with the rest of the adventure full of unexpected twists and turns.

Get ready, player one

You must be this tall to ride.

Every personalised video experience starts with data. Here, we bring the video to life using just your name, but data points can be customised to suit whatever you need.

Getting personalised

With a personalised experience, engage your audience and connect on a deeper level.

We’ve been ahead of the trend in personalising digital communications through engaging videos made unique for every viewer.

Be part of the story

You’re in control.

With interactive video, clickable buttons are embedded into the video player, creating memorable moments that invite audience participation. Personalised and interactive animation come together in our rollercoaster experience to create an engaging thrill ride.

Make the switch

One our latest innovations allows the viewer to switch between two videos playing simultaneously. Like something from a video game, jump between two scenes instantaneously.

In this interactive video example, clicking the video simulates the flick of a light switch, alternating between the scene with the lights on, and the other with the lights off.

What’s next?

The ride isn’t over.

Interactive elements can carry on the viewer’s journey upon the conclusion of the video. Embed clickable buttons and calls-to-action. Attach links and send the audience where they want to go, or begin the video again.

Connect, captivate & engage. Personalise your message.

Would you like interactivity with that? Let your audience take the lead with personalised videos and interactive, immersive experiences. Create dynamic, custom videos with interchangeable variables that speak directly to each viewer. See the categories below to see how you can tailor your message.
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