April 19, 2021
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Here’s all our Horizon Award-Winners for 2021

Here at Creativa, we take great pride in producing award-winning animation and video. Celebrating what the team is able to accomplish in collaboration with our clients is hugely important to us, as we continually seek to improve what we do and push boundaries with our content. In the past year, despite all that’s happened, our team has gone above and beyond navigating a complex web of government-mandated lockdowns and COVID-safe procedure to keep creating. We’re incredibly grateful again to receive a tonne of recognition in the Horizon Interactive Awards, but all the more thankful to the clients that stuck with us throughout a tumultuous year to make these projects a reality. Without further ado, here are the award-winning animation and video recognised at this year’s Horizon Awards.

Staying on Campus — Deakin Residential Services

GOLD — Motion Graphics/Effects

Our first award-winning animation comes via Deakin University, who needed an updated video for their on-campus living facilities. With our target audience being mainly 18-29 year olds we needed our message to be fast, engaging and fun! Using real photos of the campus we designed the animation with bright colours, stop motion ‘cut outs’, as if these photos were real-life tactile elements. With uplifting music and a lively narrated voice-over, the promotional video will encourage the potential student to live on campus and share in all the new experiences they have to offer.

Love is Not Enough — Advanced Care Planning Australia

GOLD — Promotional

It’s difficult having conversations with loved ones about their final wishes, let alone quality of life wishes, formally called an “Advanced Care Plan”. We may make jokes with loved ones about our death, but we seldom even think about what’s worse…With carefully crafted questions and a beautifully lit set up, we sat down in front of the cameras to ask tough questions. We were pleased to uncover the reactions and answers we were hoping for and stitched a story together interweaving the narrative elements together across all couples. It’s a moving piece where we hope to encourage viewers to also have those questions with their loved ones and to understand that sometimes love, is not enough.

Budj Bim — Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

GOLD — Short Film/Documentary

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has been working alongside traditional owners of the ancient Aboriginal aquacultural site, Budj Bim, to learn more about the UNESCO heritage listed site. Working to better understand and appreciate the history of the region, DELWP has been procuring high-resolution and 3D LiDAR imagery. To share their discoveries in NAIDOC week, they reached out to Creativa to produce a documentary on their incredible work.

Koori Engagement — VCAT

GOLD — Short Film/Documentary

Following the discovery that there were lower engagement levels with VCAT, especially for First Nation Peoples, VCAT sought to change the trend. It was important to be transparent about what it meant to come to court and that it is not a scary process but instead, you should take your opportunity to tell your story. We wanted to visually demonstrate empowerment when it comes to engaging with the system and educate in a way that was accessible. We are proud to present this video about the court experience and hope it will create an impact in assisting First Nation Peoples to use the support services VCAT has to offer.

Imagine a World — The International Federation for Emergency Medicine

GOLD — Motion Graphics/Effects

Another gold award-winning animation was our video for the The International Federation for Emergency Medicine, who seek to create a world where all people, in all countries, have access to high-quality emergency medical care. Predominantly volunteer-run, IFEM needs financial support to scale up the work they do. Creating greater awareness about their work, we collaborated to produce this animation.

How to Recycle — City of Kingston

GOLD — Motion Graphics/Effects

The City of Kingston introduced changes to their recycling efforts and needed to help update the community on the new processes. There are few ways better than with animation. This engaging, information animation serves as a simple and appealing way to teach the community how to use the new recycling kitchen caddy.

Empowering Creativity — Identity Furniture

GOLD — Promotional

Identity Furniture is proudly Australian made and engaged Creativa to share their story. Using a natural interview style as the narrative thread, we overlayed the message with gorgeous cinematic slow-mo footage of the furniture in various stages of production. The outcome is a visually engaging story that showcases the craft, detail and integrity of Australian made furniture.

Just Give It All You Got — The Long and Short of It

SILVER — Motion Graphics/Effects

Amidst the challenges of COVID-19 induced lockdowns, producing this music video was made all the more challenging by endeavouring to make the animation look like a handmade stop-frame animation, on a 2D motion graphics budget. With a clever approach to the design, the team did a fantastic job pulling it off and creating a fun video to accompanying a lovely, uplifting song.

The Story: Problems Solved — Eoiin Connect

SILVER — Promotional

This is a promo video for the launch of the project management app Eoiin Connect. Set in an office with a range of wacky characters, it tells the story of the benefits of using Eoiin Connect.

The Lobster Nation — Cancer Council

SILVER — Non Profit/Advocacy

The history of Australia’s Cancer Council’s work in the Skin Cancer Prevention space was a story we were proud to tell. Through engaging interviews, archival footage and animated elements we were able to create a product that celebrates their noteworthy achievements in keeping Australian’s educated about our country’s deadliest cancer.

Rebecca’s Story — Mercy Super

SILVER — Promotional

Sometimes life can take a tragic, unexpected turn. If such a thing should occur, it’s important we’ve got support there to help. Mercy Super wanted to highlight the importance of the insurance they offer with their superannuation to support people should something life-altering occur. This case study promoted the benefits of insurance — referring to a case study — when the unthinkable happens. Choosing this animation style helped tell the story respectfully and deftly dealt with a heavy topic in an engaging manner.

Bag it, Block it, Lift it and Leave — SES

BRONZE — Promotional

In anticipation of the upcoming flood season, the Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) needed to remind those in flood zones what to do during a flood. Their campaign — built around the simple and memorable steps of “bag it, block it, lift it and leave” — needed to speak to a general audience in flood-prone areas, who’d need to become familiar with safety procedures in the case of an emergency.


Family Violence Prevention — Jewish Care

BRONZE — Non Profit/Advocacy

Adapted from what was originally a visual poster campaign, this is one of three social media animations about family violence produced for the Jewish Care not-for-profit organisation. They were produced as part of their campaign against family violence in the wider community.

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