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Unleashing Creativity in Sydney: Dive into the vibrant world of animation with Creativa! From compelling brand content to dynamic corporate videos, catchy commercials, and enlightening explainers, we craft animations that captivate and communicate. Whether it’s through intricate motion graphics or stunning 2D and 3D animation, we don’t just create; we innovate.

Decades of Expertise at Your Service: With over a decade of experience in the creative industry, our studio is your go-to resource for turning visions into visual masterpieces. Our in-house team of designers, illustrators, visual effects artists, and animation specialists isn’t just staff—they’re your personal creative partners.

Your Sydney-Based Storytelling Experts: If you’re a brand in Sydney looking to forge a deeper connection with your audience, you’ve found your match. Creativa is here to translate your ideas into engaging, memorable content that stands out in the digital landscape.

Ready to Start? We are. Let’s create something incredible together.

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About Our Animation Studio 

In a world where video content dominates, our dedication extends beyond the visuals. . Creativa creates videos and builds relationships. But what makes a video truly effective? It’s about more than just aesthetics; it’s about achieving a purpose.

That is why we constantly focus on the ‘why’ behind your video. We examine every project’s purpose—on-screen, off-screen, and most importantly, involving the audience. This technique exceeds expectations, producing a fulfilling and successful animation production experience.

Whatever your industry, Creativa can bring your message to life in an animated explainer, corporate presentation, training video or vibrant TV commercial. Each frame develops that critical connection with your viewers.

Ready to Connect? Let’s accomplish your vision. Discover how our dedicated team can enhance your message, audience, and goals. With Creativa, your story begins.

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Meet Your Creative Powerhouse

The team is your ultimate creative power at Creativa. A rich mix of talented film directors, brilliant 2D and 3D animators, original motion graphic designers, visionary creative producers, detail-oriented post-production experts, and savvy scriptwriters is available for every project.

Our experienced producers and creatives can convert any idea into a masterpiece with decades of video production experience across several sectors. We collaborate with you to realise your creative vision and strategy. Our goal? To ensure that every video we make connects with your audience and leaves a lasting impression.
Are you ready to implement your ideas? Let’s make your vision come alive.

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Our clients

Animation for some of Australia’s leading brands

Frequently asked questions about animation

What type of animation do you offer?

Different Animation Techniques for Enhancing Your Message: We offer many animation styles to fit varied storytelling goals and creative aspirations.

2D Animation: Frame-by-frame animation that sets drawings and pictures to life.
3D Animation: Engage viewers with realistic settings and three-dimensional characters and environments.
Motion Graphics: Ideal for visualising complex information with animated text, icons, and illustrations.
Stop Motion: A tactile animation method that uses small photos to produce movement when played in sequence.
A popular instructional tool, whiteboard animation narrates a hand-drawn story while recording, making it excellent for explainer videos.
Mixed Media Animation: Using live-action video and 2D or 3D animations to create visually appealing content.
CGI: Using cutting-edge technology to create amazing graphics that are impossible to achieve with traditional filmmaking.
Customised for Every Project: Creativa can create funny hand-drawn or complex CGI models for any project. Mixing actual and imaginary elements makes mixed media cartoons an eye-catching approach to engaging viewers and expressing your brand’s narrative.

These animation techniques can be used in marketing campaigns, educational series, corporate training, and entertainment. We combine conventional methods with cutting-edge technology to make your film stand out and convey your message.

Our goal at Creativa is to bring your ideas to life through animation. Let us show you how animation may boost your next project.

When do I choose animation for my project?

Long answer short – it really depends. Animation is a method in which static figures are manipulated to appear as moving images – it’s totally unrestricted. If you can draw it, you can do it; you can go anywhere, bring life to any character, and make big, ambitious projects a reality, often a lot cheaper and easier than live-action.

It’s a beautifully visual medium, and one with a lot of range too. A variety of styles are available to suit the nature of the project and your budget. Whether it be 2D or 3D animation, hand-drawn or computer-illustrated, there’s no shortage of aesthetic options. Here at our animation studio, we are constantly using new styles (although there are the tried and true ones!).

You want to go for animation as your medium when you have a complex message you want to simplify in a visually engaging, creative way. Animation allows for a lot of flexibility, so it’s a great option for explainer videos, branded/promotional content, and anything educational (of course, this list isn’t exhaustive).

What's your process/pipeline for animation projects?

Normally, we start off with a brief, build a project proposal for your team to review, and have a clarity session where we ask each other questions, get to know each other, and go through the next steps for your video. We’ll then kick off your project!

We move on to the next steps once we’re aligned on vision and strategy (usually after a clarity session). This is where we decide on an approach and work on your script and storyboard, which both become the backbone of our video production process.

From there, the action begins – animating, iterating and doing any voice recordings that are required for the project.

Then we hit the home stretch. Our team servicing Sydney clients will put in the final touches on your video, like editing or sound design. Then, it’s all done, and now we’ve just got to get it to you – usually, this will be an email to your inbox with a link to download your video. Easy!

For a full rundown of our process or to learn more about our creative video production company, get in touch with us.

Are you just an animation studio?

Nope! We started out in 2009 solely focused on corporate video production. TV commercials, induction videos, and lots of healthcare content.

We’ve branched out since then, expanding our services to other cities, like Sydney, and have built up our core services (live action, animation, personalised and immersive, even DOOH 3D Digital Billboards) so that we are able to make any kind of video – from a straightforward animated video to an immersive VR experience.

It’s worth mentioning that we also pioneered personalised video production in Australia; video content that combines data and technology to speak directly to your audience. This kind of cutting-edge technology is what drives us forward as a creative video production studio.

Our mission? It’s to make meaningful connections between brands and their audiences in Sydney with innovative digital content. For you, this means more audience engagement, involvement, and emotional connection to your message.

So, we can make videos (all kinds of them!). But more importantly, we know how to make them connect with your audience. That kind of work goes deeper than just what ends up on the screen at the end – it’s a culmination of positive team collaboration, creative thinking, intelligent decisions, decades of experience, and clear, aligned strategy. It’s Creativa.

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Can you help us with our animated content?

Yes. We have lots of long-standing working relationships with our clients in Sydney, built on years of trust and experience. If you’re bouncing around from one video production studio to another, we recommend you make a home for your video production and animation here with us.

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  • Sydney's new favourite animation studio ❤ 

  • Sydney's new favourite animation studio ❤ 

  • Sydney's new favourite animation studio ❤ 

  • Sydney's new favourite animation studio ❤ 

  • Sydney's new favourite animation studio ❤ 

  • Sydney's new favourite animation studio ❤ 

  • Sydney's new favourite animation studio ❤ 

  • Sydney's new favourite animation studio ❤ 

  • Sydney's new favourite animation studio ❤ 

One of the great things about animation? It’s all on a computer – so we can create with any company, anywhere.

We provide complete animation services for our commercial clients or for agencies in Melbourne and nationwide. No matter where you are, our team of producers and animators will be with you from concept, design and storyboarding all the way to voice recording, animation and delivery.



If you’re a brand in Sydney looking to create meaningful connections with your audience through digital content, it’s time to turn your idea into reality. Get in touch with our team today.

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