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Brand pieces, corporate videos, commercials and explainers, motion graphics, 2D or 3D animation – take your pick. Our Melbourne animation studio has an in-house team of design, illustration, visual effects artists and animation specialists to tell your story like never before. With our base of operations right in the heart of Victoria’s capital city, we’re close to its culture, values and institutions. Our Animators know how to animate Melbourne’s stories.

IWDA — Young Women & COVID
SES — Bag It, Block It, Lift It and Leave
CBUS — The Value of Voluntary Contributions

3D animation. 2D animation. Specialists at the ready.

Engage Creativa, and we’ll handpick an experienced, qualified and specialist producer to handle your video animation project end-to-end. They’ll be chosen because they have precisely the skills to realise your unique project. Easy, accessible and on your side, our producers and animators will be with you from concept, through, design, storyboarding, voice recording and animation.
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Out of the nest and close to home – Melbourne, Victoria and beyond

Does your story sprawl? No problem. We’re an animation studio in Melbourne but we work everywhere, with technical and creative partners all across the country. Equipped with the latest technology, our team of producers and Melbourne animators are here to help.

The most comprehensive offering from Melbourne’s animation studios

At Creativa, we do personalised and interactive animation, sometimes both at once. So if you want to create an animation featuring a member or customer’s unique variables, to talk to them directly, we’ve got you covered. If you want your audience to interact with your video and choose the path they take and where it ends – we do that too. Check out our work and get in touch.
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Creativa provides complete video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies nationwide, specialising in creating content that engages Aussie audiences. Working with local crews dotted around the country to capture live-action video footage, we manage all the coordination for you. Whatever type of video you need, we’ve got you covered.