How to build stickiness before & beyond Open Day

Ewan Roxburgh
June 16, 2017
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I’ve never met a person who hasn’t loved University Open Days.  It’s such a fun day full of information, meeting new people and seeing what the future holds.  It’s one of the biggest events on the university calendar but I was reading an article in the Guardian the other day and it got me thinking.   The article, in a nutshell, talked about how universities in the UK invest considerable time in their open days, but the reality is that open days can’t possibly replicate the real experience.  

“But nothing can compare to actually studying at university. The experience is extremely difficult to replicate.” Guardian

It got me thinking, is there a way that universities could in fact share the ‘true experience’ of university life beyond Open Day, so that the experience is not just limited to one day in the calendar year, but can be experienced throughout the year.    
Universities across the globe are already using video in amazing ways to engage students so it’s a logical step to use video to enhance and complement open days.
Here are two video production approaches that might just work to firmly establish in the mind of the prospective student that your university is the RIGHT choice for them.
The day in a life of a student – Interactive Video Experience
Capture the day in the life of a student and then use interactive video technology to allow the viewer to choose their own journey for that day.   For example, the students could choose their own pathway to find if they’re the right match for the university. Similar to the example shown below, Deloitte uses interactive video to help qualify graduates in a fun and interactive way.

Faculty Tours – 360 / Spherical Videos
How about providing your prospective students with the closest experience possible with 360 videos.   Students, strap on your VR headset and walk around the faculty, watch tutorials and lectures in progress and totally immerse yourself in the university but from the comfort of your own home.  

These new video production approaches can fundamentally change the ways universities use video to engage prospective students.  Interactive and 360 videos empower students to delve deep into university life and get as close to real as possible. And the best part is that the videos are not just for a day, they can be watched and shared, again and again, building stickiness before and beyond Open Day.
P.S:  If you’re looking to drive more participation in your open days, then have a think about creating a personalised video invitation.   Not only will this help drive attendance but it can also cement in the mind of the prospective student that you’re the University of choice.  Let us know if you’re interested and we will send through some examples.

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