You may know your loved ones' favourite food but do you know what their wishes would be when it comes to the difficult topic of end-of-life decisions? Advance Care Planning is an organisation that helps prepare people and their family for future health care, for a time when the person may no longer be able to communicate those decisions themselves.


We chose to tackle this sensitive conversation through controlled and well selected interviews. The concept was to separate the partners and ask them a series of questions about their partner and then the same questions about themselves so we could compare.


With on site editing, we then filmed them watching the playback of their partners answering the questions, witnessing the uncomfortable moments when they learn their loved one believed something different to their wishes. We chose to reveal the interviewer to help the audience feel part of the conversation, to lead by example and help our audience feel "if they can do this, I can too."


"The final video, part of a campaign to promote ACP Week, captures the personal reflections of our participants and creates an engaging piece of content encouraging viewers to start a similar conversation with those close to them."

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