COTA, Polio Australia and Spinal Life Australia engaged Creativa to produce a 60 second animation for their Assistive Technology for All campaign, spearheaded and coordinated by COTA. COTA exists to promote the rights, interests and good futures of Australians as they age.

Their collaborative campaign asks the Australian Government to establish a national assistive technology program to meet the needs of people with disability who are excluded from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Through this campaign, COTA advocates for better access to life-changing assistive technology for people with disability excluded from the National Disability Insurance Scheme – most of whom are 65+.


The animation needed to be clear and to the point, as information and processes around assistive technology can be complicated and confusing. We wanted to first explain the problem; that not everyone has support for assistive technology and there are people who are missing out.

Assistive technology like wheelchairs, walking frames, hearing aids and prosthetics are important for people to live, work and enjoy life. Then we needed to present their solution, in the form of the request to the Australian Government.


With our target audience in mind, the design and story needed to be easily identified by people with hearing and seeing difficulties. This is why we chose a white background with a simple black line drawing.

We used colours as highlights only, nodding to the brand of ATFA. The animation and movement was kept slow and smooth so viewers had time to appreciate and understand each point.


"The short explainer animation will tell audiences everything they need to know about the campaign and why they should get involved."

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