To give a quick trip through the history of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and to educate their audience about what the future holds for LSD, we worked with MindBio Therapeutics to produce a short explainer film regarding the fascinating history of LSD in medicine and how psychedelics act to change the way the brain works. Our Head of Production, Gina Hanrahan, directed and produced this explainer video.

MindBio Therapeutics is pioneering clinical studies into the microdosing of psychedelic medicines to treat a range of medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder, chronic pain and opiate addictions.

The video explains the next steps in the research that is currently being explored with microdosing with LSD by MindBio Therapeutics as well as introduces the clinical trials they are conducting with the substance for depression and other chronic conditions.

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The client educated us about the clinical trials they were funding for microdosing LSD. We brainstormed with the clients and came up with suggestions for creating a story about the history of LSD and what the next step would be in the evolution of treating a worldwide problem with depression and other chronic conditions.

As a collective we were inspired by a film called Fantastic Fungi, the work of Albert Hoffman in the 1940’s and inspired by the art of Alex Grey. Initially, the creative approach included an element of animation to create intrigue and wonder but that was put aside so as to keep to a more medical approach.


It was important to make sure the video was not too dry like some medical videos can be. In order to bring life to the online conference, Gina and the team made sure that the images chosen and the way they were timed took the viewer not only on a history trip but a visual trip too. The voice over that led the viewer through the history of LSD, warped in parts to imply the effects of LSD while the visuals travelled through earth and light made geometry, out through the pupil of one's eye. It was important to have fun with the content while educating at the same time.

“I wanted the audience to feel relaxed that they were going to watch a ‘history’ documentary but then mid-way to take them on a mini trip through the effects of LSD, then calmly ending on an inspiring note about the research and possibly treatment for depression and other chronic conditions.” – Gina Hanrahan, Head of Production

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"Creativa took the stress out of organising everything away from us and they delivered a terrific video that has been well received by our investors and other stakeholders Justin Hanka - Co founder of MindBio Theraputics"

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