In anticipation of the upcoming flood season, the Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) needed to remind those in flood zones what to do during a flood.
Their campaign — built around the simple and memorable steps of "bag it, block it, lift it and leave" — needed to speak to a general audience in flood-prone areas, who'd need to become familiar with safety procedures in the case of an emergency.


As we've so often done in the past, the team at Creativa opted for a combination of live-action dramatisation and animation, the latter put to an original song.
Animation was chosen as a medium to appeal to the broad demographic, with both regional and urban versions. It would introduce the "bag it, block it, lift it and leave" slogan with the song, in a catchy memorable way.
The subsequent live-action videos then served a more instructional purpose, demonstrating exactly what steps ought to be taken when bagging, blocking, lifting and leaving.


Divided across both our live-action and animation teams, our crew went out on location to shoot the dramatised videos whilst our designers and animators set about animating.
Versions of the video were made to suit urban and regional audiences by swapping out animated assets in the background, and cutdowns exported for use on social media, further segmenting and targeting relevant audiences.


"Utilising both live-action and animation spoke to audiences young and old and presented up the important "bag it, block it, lift it and leave" message in an engaging and memorable way. The next time a flood is on its way, they will know what to do"

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