How to make a successful online video: Our top tips for great production and distribution

September 20, 2013
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It’s funny that in the ever-changing community of web video production I often encounter the same old problem. People either create great videos which no one ever sees. Or, alternately make videos with cringe worthy video production but somehow they manage to get thousands of views.
I believe it was Mark Twain that said: To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence”. Well, to succeed in video marketing, you need cracking production and a smashing promotion. That’s our recipe, and we’re willing to share our simple guide that will work wonders with your future web videos.
The first step to success is by making sure you choose the right video production company, as they are not all made equal! There are many things to look for, to us it all comes down to experience, testimonials, equipment and previous work. So do your research, and follow our checklist below.

  1. Find out just how experienced the company is by asking for references and contact details of previous or current clients.
  2. Visit the production company and check out the facilities and equipment. Do they have the latest technology? Meet the team that will work on your project, inform them that you are open to suggestions, and to new ideas. It is up to them to show just how creative and inventive they can be.
  3. Once you are on the premises, enquire if they have a Green Screen Studio or Chroma Key Studio. This versatile technology is very cost effective when you need to produce quick, short videos or interviews with a presenter. It enables you to add any backdrop or setting you want for the video without leaving the studio. You can even include animations, cartoons, or fictional characters.
  4. Like any team project, ongoing healthy communication is vital for the production to be a success. Do they show a genuine understanding of your business and what you are trying to convey with the video?
  5. Define and schedule work the processes. Together with the producers, work on a timeline so there are no misunderstandings from either side.
  1. Set a deadline and a budget, and stick to it! Of course things can change, but there will be less modifications if you always keep those two facts in mind.
  2. Make sure the company is willing to go that extra step to get you what you want. There is no reason why the video you create today won’t still be a valuable resource for your company in 5 years, so it just makes sense to work with a company that can support your ideas and marketing strategies for the long term.

Hold on a minute, we are only halfway there! There is much more to successful video production than just great quality. Now here are some great, proven ideas on how to promote your video. We want you to get your web video to the most viewedsection on YouTube.

  1. Of course the must haves are, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Posting, optimising and sharing your video on these social networks will certainly bring an initial boost to views.
  2. Remember email? Make the most of your own email database and create a campaign. Then, ask your network to promote your video in their campaigns as well.
  3. Use your own website and company blog as a promotion tool and include other forums and blogs in your promotional efforts. By contacting like-minded bloggers you will often find they are looking for fresh content that their target audience will appreciate. Many bloggers are trendsetters and have a high amount of followers, so if they embed your video into a blog post, you will reap the benefits.
  4. Let´s embark on a journey to the world of YouTube. There’s YouTube pre-roll advertising that display your video as an ad break before or during YouTube videos. The great thing about this feature is that you can really target your demographic based on keywords and categories.
  5. When your video is uploaded to YouTube, in comes YouTube organic optimization. This is the process of improving the traffic towards your video by making it more prominent in search engine results, using specific targeted keywords in the titles, file name of the video and meta descriptions.
  6. Promote your video through search. When people are searching for things, either on Adwords, or YouTube, through smart SEO, you can make sure your video is displayed amongst the top options. Search Google for phrases that make videos appear (not all do). Often they are ‘How do I?’ type questions.
  7. Bonding is always nice. Remarketing by Google lets you show ads to users who have previously visited your videos as they browse the Web. So the second time around, hit them with a message that will drawer them back to your site and is more likely to convert to a sale.
  8. Consider creating a video seeding campaign. Getting the experts to promote your videos in the right places on the web will help your videos to go viral and they often even guarantee a certain number of views.

We hope our tips come in handy next time you are looking to use web video for your business marketing. By checking off these items on our list you will greatly improve your chances of creating a successful video which not only looks good but brings you return on investment for many years to come.
Checkout some of our client testimonials if you are looking for a video production company to work with. We would love to meet with you.

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