Mobile Video is Booming are you riding the wave?

December 4, 2012
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I’m assuming you’re aware of the important role Video plays in shaping consumer behaviour online? In fact you, yourself have probably viewed at least one or two product videos online in the past few weeks, even if it was purely for Christmas research. You may have even watched a video on your mobile or tablet…
Well, According to mobile viewing of product videos have increased by between 150% – 170% during the Black Friday – Cyber Monday period as compared to the same time last year. They were also able to determine that people who viewed a product video on a mobile device were 3X more likely to purchase.
That’s an incredible trend and one that manufacturers and retailers should ignore at their peril.
Fact – Consumers are using the internet to become better informed and make purchasing decisions
Fact – roughly 55% of online complaints about product videos were due to (in the consumers mind) the information in the video being incomplete.
Fact – 21% of complaints were due to poorly presented use cases i.e. how is the product used, what are its exact dimensions etc.
Fact – 10% of viewers were upset because videos were incorrectly sold or labelled.
So as more people turn to product video for information prior to making a purchase, two things become apparent.
1) If you sell products online, you need a good video or you risk being left behind.
2) If you already have a video, make sure it is the best it can be, optimise it correctly and you will find the leads you’re looking for will also find you.
Remember, those who don’t try, rarely succeed… Good luck and hopefully your business is ready to capitalise on the next big online sales cycle.

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