Why You Need To Add Video To Your Social Media Marketing

December 19, 2016
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Whether your business is a newcomer on social media or you’ve been around for a while, chances are you are thinking of adding video to your social media marketing. It’s a good strategy because videos are now showing up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram news feeds and even Google search results and you’ve got to make sure you are visible to your target audience in all of these places.
In this post I share some reasons with you and statistics on why video should be a big part of your marketing on social media.
You’ll reach more people
Because video is fairly new on social media, all platforms boost videos in news feeds to encourage people to view them. While your text status update may only be seen by 10 people, chances are your video will be seen and hopefully shared by more people because of Facebook’s algorithm. Create a short video clip on a subject that’s of interest to your audience for example a women’s fashion retailer might create a video of different looks from one outfit. H&M shows different fitness exercise videos on its website here because fitness is important to their key demographic which is women.
Attract a new audience
You can create a short promo video/trailer about your company to attract new viewers on YouTube for example. Think of it as an elevator pitch and at the end encourage people to subscribe to your channel for more updates. Example of a promo video below for the Rio Paralympics earlier this year:

Official statistics say that 49 million viewers turned to Snapchat to watch coverage from the event which just goes to show how powerful video can be.
Improve website traffic
Are you producing content and watching organic reach on social media declining? It might be time to add a video to your blog post. Adding video to your posts helps in boosting your reach, increase traffic to your website and get you new leads with whom you can build a relationship through email. People can like, comment or share without leaving the platform or they can click through to your website.
Video is in demand
The millennials like watching video, that’s how they prefer to consume content so if you’re a university and not on social media using video then you’ve got the potential to miss out on a large part of your demographic. Previous research has indicated that 9 out of 10 students go online to search for education providers and with video showing up in Google searches you need to make sure you’re visible and present. You need to communicate in the medium that’s in demand not obsolete prospectuses or long documents that no one reads any more.
Boost recruitment
Whether you’re a small business or a large government organisation, using videos in your social feeds can boost your recruitment and position you attractively as an employer of choice. Providing behind the scenes look, welcome messages from CEOs or simply a day in the life of can position you favourably when it comes time for talented people to choose employers. Called social recruitment, this practice is said to phase out the traditional ways of people finding jobs eventually.
If you need help with strategy and the creative process, Creativa Videos has helped both big and small brands to use videos effectively. Contact us today to find out how we can help bring your video marketing plan to reality.

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