Mariana Ruiz
November 30, 2023
3 min read

Crafting and Amplifying a Black Friday Impact with Video Marketing Boost Campaign

Black Friday Add On

How we designed an engaging Black Friday Marketing Campaign

For this year’s Black Friday, Creativa embarked on a journey to not only create an engaging video offer but also to demonstrate the significance of strategic video marketing. The goal was to showcase our expertise in creating captivating content and effectively distributing it across the right channels for maximum impact.

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The Concept: Creating the Add-on

We started by crafting a compelling Black Friday to add value on our premium video animation services. This was specially designed to appeal to businesses looking to boost their digital presence through high-quality video content. We emphasised the elements of creativity, quality, and customer relationship in our messaging.

#EngagingContent #DigitalPresenceBoost

Strategy Extension: Beyond Just an Offer

Understanding that a great idea isn’t enough, we extended our strategy to include educational content. This included insights on why video content is crucial for modern marketing, tips on creating effective content marketing and guidance on choosing the right platforms for distribution.

#MarketingEducation #ContentStrategy

The Importance of a Strategic Approach

We believe that a well-crafted video is only as effective as its distribution strategy. Our focus was on educating our clients about the importance of aligning their video content with their overall marketing objectives, selecting the right channels (like social media, email marketing, and digital ads), and timing their releases for maximum engagement.

#StrategicDistribution #ChannelOptimization


Exclusive add-on for our Black Friday

When you commision a video animation for your brand, promo, or explainer video, we will provide strategic distribution services. Our team will carefully select channels like social media platforms, email newsletters, and your website for optimal distribution. We’ll identify where your target audience is most active and engaged, ensuring that your video reaches them effectively. Furthermore, we’ll employ SEO tactics and targeted advertising to significantly enhance your video’s reach and impact.

#TargetedDistribution #MultiChannelMarketing

The Synergy of Creation and Distribution

Our Black Friday boost marketing campaign highlights the powerful combination of creating compelling video content and strategically distributing it for maximum effect. At Creativa, we take pride in being more than just video creators; we are marketing strategists adept at making content thrive in the digital world. With this special offer, still on during the month of December 2023, we aim to provide our clients not only with an engaging video but also with a comprehensive strategy to ensure it resonates with their audience and achieves their marketing goals. Talk to us!

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