April 17, 2020
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Recognition for personalised video at Horizon Awards 2019

We’re proud to announce that Creativa continues to produce award-winning video and animation, picking up a number of awards in this year’s Horizon awards. The awards, which both recognise excellence in interactive media production ranging from websites and mobile applications to video, are open to creators around the world. We’re honoured to be recognised amongst some incredible studios and particularly chuffed to win an award in our emerging, specialization category of personalised videos.

Here’s what we won!

Best in Category Award

Promotional Video

‘It’s Her Turn’, produced for Lauriston Girl’s School, was awarded the highest honour in the category of Promotional Video. It was part of a powerful campaign, promoting the construction of new facilities at the girl’s school opening up new opportunities for all their students. We’re honoured to receive the award, but even prouder to contribute to such a fantastic, impactful project.

Gold Award


/ Advocacy & Motion Graphics / Effects

Made in conjunction with the International Women’s Development Agency, this #AFeministFuture video featured poetry written and performed by Anna McGahan and animation created by a team of women here at Creativa. We’re stoked that it was awarded Gold in the category of both Non-Profit/Advocacy and Motion Graphics/Effects. 


The above clip is taken from a video, produced as part of a series to support Court Services Victoria in their incredible work assisting the community. This particular video serves as an educational tool for new registrars, recreating real-life stories as a confronting dramatisation. We’re so proud to see it awarded Gold in the category of Instructional Videos.

award-winning video from Creativa for the police

An internal video produced for the Victoria Police (which we can’t share publically for obvious reasons) was also awarded Gold in the Instructional category. It was special in the fact real police officers starred in the production.

Motion Graphics / Effects

This slick video put together for iMove’s website won us another Gold in the category of Motion Graphics / Effects. When you see our team’s space-age visuals in action, you can see why!


This video, part of a personalised video campaign for the University of Canberra also received the Gold award in the Promotional video category. Real UoC students welcome new applicants using our personalisation tech to deliver relevant information to each recipient of the video. Like magic, the recipient’s name is rendered into the video, along with their course information.

Silver Award

Non-Profit / Advocacy

This animation is part of an education series produced for the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. It highlights some of the challenges in overcoming gambling addiction. This video, as well as another in the series, was awarded Silver in the Non-Profit / Advocacy category.


Awarded Silver for Promotional videos, this explainer video produced for the ACCC helps viewers understand the process of starting a franchise in Australia. It shows the power of animation in taking complex processes and explaining them in an easy-to-understand fashion.


Produced for our friends at the indie game studio, Ultimerse, this live-action launch trailer was produced for their game Paper Fire Rookie. It netted Creativa a Silver award, winning it in the Trailer category. We’re proud to do diverse work as a video and animation studio, including video game trailers.

Bronze Award


This animated campaign video for Jewish Care was awarded Bronze in the Promotional category. It’s a great example of how a simple animation aesthetic can still be incredibly emotive.


Another animation – this time in combination with live-action shots – proving you can make easy sense of things with animation. Helping clear up any confusion about recycling with Sustainability Victoria, this animated narrative won Bronze in the Instructional category.

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