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Combining our creativity with this eLearning production company’s technical know-how, we can create a range of eLearning content for education, training, onboarding, professional development and more. eLearning is a structured course or learning experience delivered electronically; it can also include performance support content.

We have an award-winning, multi-disciplinary team of video production professionals and specialists who consistently produce dynamic, high-quality eLearning content. Whether it be a simple explainer, or more sophisticated interactive eLearning experiences prepared for your learning management system (LMS), we’re equipped to deliver attention-grabbing, memorable eLearning content.

Packaged up by our technical partners, we can provide you ready-made files to import directly into your existing LMS, or work with you to deliver custom eLearning solutions. Our team Creativa provides complete video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies nationwide, with plenty of experience creating eLearning content that engages Aussie audiences. We are an eLearning production company that works with you and your content to deliver custom eLearning solutions.

Court Services Victoria

In the wake of the royal commission into family violence, Court Services Victoria sought a creative partner to help develop and deliver online training to support court registrars working in family violence around the state. Collaborating with their learning designers, Creativa sought to create effective, engaging content to import into their LMS. Bringing a range of live-action, animation and interactive projects together, we’ve worked extensively with Court Services Victoria to prepare eLearning content for import into their LMS, helping to train new registrars.
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Shannon Company

Produced in conjunction with the Shannon Company, this escalation of care training video utilised interactive elements with branching story elements, applying decision-based learning to eLearning content. Branching story elements allow the user to explore alternative options, learning what the correct choices are along the way.
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Engage your audience with the latest digital storytelling innovations in virtual and augmented realities, 360° video, live-streamed content and eLearning content for learning management systems (LMS). Our eLearning production company can help you go further with your content and create immersive, impactful experiences.
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Creativa provides complete video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies nationwide, specialising in creating content that engages Aussie audiences. Working with local crews dotted around the country to capture live-action video footage, we manage all the coordination for you. Whatever type of video you need, we’ve got you covered.