Mariana Ruiz
April 12, 2024
3 min read

The Evolution of Brand Engagement With AI and New Technologies

The Evolution of Marketing: How Immersive and Interactive Technologies Change Brand Engagement

Immersive and interactive technology are constantly improving and replacing old marketing habits and tactics and, I have to say that these advances respond to consumer expectations and behaviours, not just trends. My post explores the evolution of marketing and how AI and new technologies change brand engagement.  Also, why immersive experiences are becoming popular, their effects across demographics, and how future developments, particularly AI, are transforming the advertising environment forever!

Understanding Immersive Technology Success

Engaging Consumers on a Deeper Level

Immersive technologies like VR, AR, and 3D anamorphic illusions (DOOH) can emotionally and visually engage people. These technologies involve customers in a dynamic, interactive environment, appealing to our craving for stories and experiences.

Serving Digital-Natives

Late millennials and Gen Z value authenticity and interaction over passive consumption, so these creative ways appeal to them. Such technologies develop communities and strengthen brand-consumer relationships.

Impact on Populations: Expanding Access and Appeal

Making  Interactive accessible

Through public installations and personal devices, immersive marketing technologies reach more than tech-savvy individuals. Just think of this: AR may transform a smartphone into an immersive experience, making sophisticated marketing accessible to more people.  Same with 3D digital billboards or digital ooh advertising that are mostly situated on a crowded street that everyone can access.

Combining Entertainment and Advertising

These innovative technologies make marketing less invasive and more engaging by combining entertainment and advertising, increasing brand loyalty and market reach.

Creativa: Introducing Immersive Marketing and New technologies

Creativa, as a creative media and technology agency, has set new standards for client engagement with exciting VR, AR experiences, personalised and interactive platforms, and creative 3D digital billboards for street ads and FOOH for social media promotion. Our work has not only distinguished our clients, but also transformed engagement metrics, with popular campaigns reaching impressive interaction rates shortly after debut.
This is our most recent example of partnership with Decjuba and Hero agency. In only 48 hours, the FOOH commercial received 14 million likes on TikTok.  Perfect for social feeds, this 8–10 second clip is optimised for platforms like Instagram and TikTok, ensuring it catches the eye of fashion-forward viewers everywhere.

@decjuba JUST LANDED! New @dluxebasics puffers now in store and online ✈️ #pufferjacket #puffers #winterfashion #Decjuba #dluxebasics #pufferplane ♬ original sound – DECJUBA

The New Way Forward: Innovation as Standard

Immersive and interactive experiences are transforming marketing techniques, emphasising interaction and experience over advertising.  We must agree that the way brands communicate with customers has changed, making them more personal and memorable.  By immersive and interactive technologies, we are also including the latest Digital Out of Home (DOOH) and social media Fake Out of Home (FOOH).

AI and Emerging Technology Advertising Future

AI and other developing technologies will completely redefine advertising.  AI’s capacity to interpret massive consumer data can enable personalised marketing campaigns that adapt storylines in real time to boost customer engagement and happiness.

Immersive and interactive technologies, such as DOOH and FOOH, are changing brand-consumer interactions and providing more meaningful marketing solutions. As these technologies advance, advertising will become more personalised and engaging.  Join us at Creativa where we continue to lead the charge in adopting and refining these innovative solutions for marketing success. Contact us!


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