Mariana Ruiz
February 28, 2024
3 min read

How to Hire and Motivate Diverse Creative Teams

An inclusive multicultural team is the foundation of Group 527 and Creativa, our Video Production and Animation Studio in Melbourne, Creativa’s strategy is to create an innovative and exciting environment. To foster innovation, drive creativity, and succeed in outstanding success, diverse teams are vital, especially in the creative sectors. However, building such a team needs more than simply a desire; it demands a meticulous, deliberate strategy that places people first throughout.

Diverse teams, especially in creative and innovative work environments, require intentional approaches and procedures that encourage inclusion, respect, and collaboration.

Here are my thoughts on how to approach it how to create and retain a diverse and creative team

Diversity should be prioritised right from the beginning, starting with the hiring process. Companies would seek candidates who bring a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience, and backgrounds to the table. For example, use inclusive language in job postings and ensure the hiring panel is diverse to reduce unconscious biases.
Value Different Perspectives: Diversity goes beyond ethnic or gender lines, it includes educational backgrounds, life experiences, and cognitive plurality.  This variety in mindset and experience inspires creativity.

Foster an inclusive culture where people feel they belong

Design Safe Spaces: Methods such as confidential feedback, one-on-one check-ins, and regular team meetings can be helpful.
Recognise the value of diversity by fostering open communication about everyone’s background, interests, and cultures on the team. . Cultural days, team events, and storytelling sessions help team members learn from each other.

Promote open communication

Promote openness: communicate at all levels. Company transparency about goals, challenges, and successes builds trust and belonging.
Active Listening: Listen to and consider all voices. This encourages a culture of respect and mutual understanding.

Lead with compassion and empathy

Understand Individual Needs: Team members have individual requirements and motivations. Customising your strategy to fit these demands can enhance morale and productivity. Provide Support: Coaching, emotional wellness services, and professional development activities tailored to individual and team needs are essential for motivating and engaging teams.

Investing in continuously growing and learning. Give team members professional and personal development opportunities, from workshops, courses, or cross-teaching (skill sharing!).  Encourage team members to lead or work on initiatives they enjoy. This helps them grow personally and gives the team new ideas.

Appreciate contributions
Acknowledge Success: Publicly and privately acknowledge team members’ accomplishments. Recognition boosts morale and encourages achievement.
Encourage Creativity: Create an incentive structure for innovative ideas. This motivates the team and promotes growth.

Evaluate and adapt
Regular feedback loops: Use periodic feedback to evaluate company diversity and inclusion strategies. This could be through surveys, observations, or informal check-ins.
Preserve flexibility: adjust strategies based on feedback, team needs, and environmental factors.

These strategies can help build and maintain a diverse, creative team. It’s about creating a workspace where everyone feels valued, included, and empowered to bring their best selves to the table, drive the team to their best and drive team success. I have to say that he foundation of my approach to building inclusive teams is a comprehensive people strategy. This strategy goes beyond being just a plan; it is a dedication to preserving our most precious asset—our people. Diversity and inclusion will be embedded in our company culture from the ground up, not just talked about. Therefore, we must ensure that this strategy is in line with the overall organisational objectives. It reinforces that diversity isn’t just beneficial; it is essential for innovation and success.

I am deeply passionate about cultivating a culture where every individual not only feels valued but also experiences a profound sense of belonging, where being seen and heard goes beyond simple recognition, evolving into a powerful affirmation of our shared dedication to each other’s significance and perspectives.  At Group 527, Creativa, 7-YM and Ultimerse, we put people first and diversity first, embedding these principles at the heart of everything we do.



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