December 13, 2019
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Introducing your new Creativa

Hello again!

Welcome to your new Creativa!

With more expertise and resources in-house at our new studio, we’re proud to offer new and exciting ways to unleash your creativity with video and animation.

Determined to inspire, we’re continually innovating and improving. With so many exciting things happening, we felt it was time for a little refresh.

So what’s changed?

There’s plenty for you to be excited about! It’s been a big 2019 for Creativa, but the net result is a whole suite of new opportunities for you to unleash your creativity and tell your story.

For example, we’ve expanded our capabilities in personalisation technology, streamlining the entire process and shifting it entirely in-house. Making your videos stand out with personalised messages for your audience is now easier than ever.

We’re bucking trends and conventions too. Equipped with new tools and talent, we’ve added interactivity to our videos, turned training videos into engaging narratives, and put to use the 360° camera and drone. Unique multimedia experiences are here and better than ever.

New location

We’ve also moved from our original Elsternwick home to a stylish studio space on Spencer Street, West Melbourne. It’s got plenty of comfortable meeting rooms and is only a short stroll to some top-notch coffee shops. Our loft space also makes a great spot for screenings!

You’re welcome to arrange a visit to meet our scriptwriter, designers, animators and editors who are here to hand, ready to bounce ideas off in person.

It’s an open, purpose-built warehouse conversion, where we can get creative alongside our new sister businesses, the software development company, 7-YM, and the game development studio, Ultimerse.

Their expertise are close to hand and we’re set up to collaborate with them. Want your own app complete with augmented reality content? All this and more is now possible!

New look!

We love creative challenges and pushing the boundaries of story and design. With that, we’re proud to reveal our new logo and visual identity.

We have a new logo, colour palette, showreel and more! Every touchstone with us been given a new coat of paint indicative of the higher standard of content we’re producing.

This, of course, includes a new website which — hey look! You’re already on it! Give it an explore and check out some of our latest projects whilst you’re here.

How has this all come about?

Earlier this year, Creativa changed management. We became part of the Scoleri & Williams group of creative businesses, alongside the software development company, 7-YM, and the video game development studio, Ultimerse.

Our Executive Producer, David Heinrich, and General Manager, Steven Moore, leads a new team of experienced producers, including Dana, Kathleen, Mud and our Head of Production, Alicia Hepworth. Steve Bristow, another producer and our newly appointed Creative Director, oversees each project to ensure it is the best it can be.

We’re delighted to be part of this cutting-edge collective and we’re excited to start expanding our creative offerings. During this time, it’s also incredibly important to us that our clients continue to experience the same high level of service and continuity”. – Steven Moore, General Manager

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