Location-Aware Tours

If you manage a museum, gallery, heritage site, cemetery, or any other kind of public or curated space, ask yourself, what could a location-aware tour do for you?

But what is a location-aware tour?

Location aware technology means we pin a digital experience to a physical location. The physical world is replete with stories, and we’ve all been at home too long. Let’s work together to activate your physical space.

Your very own app

Your tour has to live somewhere. That’s why, in just a few short weeks, we’ll work with you to design your very own custom app. Support is ongoing and when it’s time to update, edit or add to your tour/s, we’ll be there.

Need content? No problem

Your tours can include audio, video, augmented reality, or a combination of all three. We can work with you to create a rich, thoroughly satisfying experience that will leave your audience wanting more. And if you already have content? By all means, BYO.

Safety and accessibility

Our tours are built to accommodate safety features that can be customised to your site’s needs. As for accessibility, we design all our experiences to be inclusive for people with visual or hearing difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my device determine my location?

Modern phone devices relies on GPS, digital compass, accelerometer, and other technologies to identify the devices location and position with high precision.

Are all phone/tablet devices capable of running the Location-Aware-Tour?

Yes and no. If the Location-Aware-Tour only requires video and audio, almost all recent devices will be able to run the application. If the application delivers an Augmented Reality experience, only modern devices that can handle ARKit/ARCore plugins will be able to run the application.

Do you outsource assets that are required for the development of the Application?

No. All assets required for the application is all done in-house. Our work is 100% Australian made.

Would you consider a highly custom design that is different from what you offer but, still based on location-aware-tour functionality?

Absolutely! Our lines are open for any enquiry and for any custom project. Please see our contact us page for more contact options by clicking the button below:

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