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‘Seriously Tough’ 3D Billboard Advertising Innovation












Creativa is proud to announce its partnership with global travel brand, Samsonite, to elevate their outdoor advertising campaign.

Samsonite, in its bid to showcase the C-Lite collection, envisioned the tagline “Seriously Tough,”  a notion we brought to life in vivid 3D Billboard advertising in detail.

Samsonite, a global leader in travel solutions for over 113 years, approached Creativa with a vision, they wanted to recreate their TV Commercial campaign into something BIGGER. Their goal was to improve the C-Lite collection’s brand communication, which they encapsulated with the tagline “Seriously Tough.”


Transition the TVC into an immersive 3D advertising experience.

Diversify the campaign across multiple touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive narrative.

Solidify Samsonite’s position as a market leader in innovation.

Strategy & Execution:

3D Billboard Transformation: Using 3D anamorphic technology, we adapted the TVC to create a visual marvel—a 3D outdoor advertisement at the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Shopalite Designs: Not restricting the campaign to just one format, we extended the 3D designs to Shopalites across various malls, ensuring consistent brand visibility.


The campaign launched in September 2023, capturing consumers across multiple touchpoints.  The intensive campaign phase spanned seven weeks, with certain elements continuing for an additional two months.


Samsonite’s ‘Seriously Tough’ campaign stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of advertising. With Creativa’s expertise and commitment to innovation, brands can truly bring their visions to life, creating memorable engagements and lasting impressions.

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