Perineal Tears Explainer Video

Perineal Tears Explainer Video

Explaining Perineal Tears to Women and Families Who Don’t Know What to Expect and Plan for



The ACSQH came to us with a problem: perineal tears are common in childbirth, but too often, women and families don’t know enough about what to expect and what to plan for. Perineal tears are also a delicate topic that people don’t always like to talk about. Could we create two accessible, easy-to-understand explainer videos tackling this sensitive topic, supporting women in their decisions around childbirth?


Yes, we could. To reach people on a topic people might not want to talk about – or might not think they need to – you must connect with hearts as well as minds. We strived for authenticity, building the videos around interviews with real people – women who had some experience with perineal tears. The thinking was – build a connection, the learning will follow.


In the video we hear true accounts from women who experience with perineal tears. We also hear from experts. Designs are simple, easy-on-the eye, but realistic enough for us to pull off both character scenes and anatomical diagrams, when we need them. Watch the video – is it frank, open, and honest, informative but also sensitive? That’s what we were going for. 

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