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‘Better For’ TVC
Complete Home Filtration


Complete Home Filtration approached Creativa with the need to create a compelling and lively ad showcasing the many advantages of installing a home water filtration system.

The task was to create a short and snappy animation that targeted a broad demographic, in particular home improvement enthusiasts. It would also play across TV and social media platforms for a wide reach.


After some initial discussions and pitches from the team, they came to us with a rough storyboard, designed to identify key moments where home filtration is used. The story needed to revolve around the idea that having filtered water is “Better for” you, with water as the recurring visual element and its uses as the central focus. Such key moments included messages like filtered water being Better for hair and body or food preparation.

With the client’s vision to produce something creative and out of the box, our team embraced the challenge and sought to create something with a unique and eye-catching art style. 

Directors Monica Ip and Sarah Schwab knew that since the key moments were going to be in many different locations around a fictional family’s house, creative transitions from one scene to the next would play a big part. And with water as a central element, that water would be the thing guiding these transitions. It was decided that, in order to best capture the flexible and fluid water movement in these transitions and throughout the ad, the most effective medium for this would be hand-drawn animation.

Music was also very important to the client, and picking this pop/rock track really made the piece come to life. 


With amazing support from Complete Home Filtration, we were able to create a compelling and dynamic animation. Having the freedom to develop a fresh art style in response to the brief enabled us to embrace risks and produce something distinctive and imaginative. The result was that there was significant attention and views online, making for a very successful campaign.

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