Advance Care Planning Australia

Advance Care Planning Australia



It’s the conversation no one wants to have. For Advance Care Planning, too many people are leaving end-of-life decisions to chance, where the person may not actually have the capacity to make decisions. To get conversations going, to get more people to make their wishes known, they needed a video. How do we get people talking about what no one wants to talk about?


We made it a game. That’s how. We got pairs of people, partners or close relatives, and tested them. How well do you know your loved one? Yes, we were a bit sneaky – starting off with easy questions, holiday destinations, favourite foods – before moving on to difficult hypotheticals. We showed people their partner’s responses and filmed the reaction expecting that the discrepancies would lead to an aha light bulb moment for the interview subjects, and for the audience too.


The final edit is playful, touching and serious without ever getting too dark. It’s a lot of fun to watch the interview subjects when the topic of the video dawns on them – when they get it. Advance Care Planning is important. Make your wishes known. One hard chat now can save you, or your loved ones, a lot of heartache. 

You can watch the full video here.

Advance Care Planning Australia is a national program funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, administered by Austin Health. Its goal is to enable Australians to make the best choices for their future health and care. 

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