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Case Study “Have fun butt play safe” campaign
Queensland University













Queensland University of Technology partnered with Creativa to create a series of animated videos to support the launch of their Sex Safety campaign, to help help engage and teach exchange students about sex safety targeting multicultural communities.

QUT launched their “Have Fun Butt Play Safe campaign” – HIV health promotional tool for multicultural communities in Queensland and beyond in June.

The campaign deliverables feature six animated videos and a brochure, and covers a diverse range of topics, such as choosing the right doctor, breaking the misconceptions about HIV in Australia, navigating language barriers, accessing sexual health services without Medicare, pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and reducing HIV stigma.


Creativa’s animations were created with a focus group of our target audience and subject matter experts to engage and deliver authentic content. During changes, this key team member could freely provide feedback. As filmmakers, we must use subject matter experts to connect our content and avoid alienating our audience with unreal experiences on screen. Maeve Baker’s meticulous character design gave the production a unique look and feel. Creativa’s designers and animators animated and coloured the characters. Filmic character animation humanised our quirky characters and engaged our audience. Dialogue-heavy scripts help audiences understand and remember. We avoided distractions. Instead, we animated the character talking, lifting a glass or phone. The script is funny, making the still scenes entertaining.


Creativa leveraged their expertise in visual storytelling to create compelling commercials that incorporated authentic performances, dynamic cinematography, thoughtful editing techniques, stylish motion graphics, along with playful music and sound design. Each element was carefully crafted to contribute to the overall narrative and enhance the impact of the message.












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