Case Study “I’ll have the usual”<br/> <b> Yakult</b>

Case Study “I’ll have the usual”













Creativa recently had the privilege of collaborating with doq, a Sydney-based marketing agency, to produce a new TVC campaign for Yakult called ‘I’ll Have the Usual.’ The goal was to capture a larger share of the daily consumer market within Yakult’s existing user base, with a specific focus on engaging young families, particularly parents and mothers. The main challenge was to create scenarios and characters that resonated with the target audience and aligned with Yakult’s brand identity and marketing goals. The project required meticulous planning, attention to detail, and close collaboration with doq’s team. From conceptualisation to production, every step was carefully executed to craft visually captivating narratives that would engage viewers.


Creativa leveraged their expertise in visual storytelling to create compelling commercials that incorporated authentic performances, dynamic cinematography, thoughtful editing techniques, stylish motion graphics, along with playful music and sound design. Each element was carefully crafted to contribute to the overall narrative and enhance the impact of the message.


After months of dedicated work and precise attention to detail, the campaign was ready to be unveiled to the world. It was an exhilarating moment as all the hard work and creative energy converged into concise, impactful stories that would hopefully capture the attention of the target audience and drive results for our client.












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