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Demonstrate how Senior Helpers, Age Care and Disability Services, can improve people’s lives

Senior Helpers provide professional and considerate age care and disability services tailored to a home environment.  When it comes to in-home support, there are a few assumptions that recruiters and potential clients need to get past.  In-home care, for example, is more than just cleaning and meal preparation.

Senior Helpers pride themselves in assisting people from all walks of life and empowering them to continue doing the things they’ve always enjoyed doing.


A TVC that emphasizes how enjoyable and rewarding it is to work at Senior Helpers and the meaningful connections that employees form with their clients

When developing the TVC with Senior Helpers, We wanted to emphasize how much fun and how rewarding it is to work there. Senior Helpers interact with their clients through a variety of activities. Highligting the beautiful, wonderful, amazing relationships and connections that employees can form with their clients.

Filming in one location for ten hours, we cast a diverse range of talent. Allowing us the time to devote as much as possible to bring the most out of each slice of life narrative and bring these wonderful little moments to life.

Opting to create an original music composition with Nate Kohrs, inspired by 60s and 70s swing jazz, allowed us the freedom to produce a catchy theme that is instantly recognisable from the first beat even if the viewer isn’t watching.

Visuals effects by our very own Jeremy Pitman of a ribbon flying through each scene calling inspiration from the motifs of Senior Helper’s cursive font. The ribbon playfully dances throughout each scene, showing that through it all Senior Helpers are there every step of the way.


The outcome is a lively series of television commercials, a montage, and three separate 15 second vignettes of Senior Helpers clients and staff enjoying their time together.















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