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Bardee is Australia’s largest insect breeding, fertiliser, and protein producer. Additionally, Bunnings Warehouse will distribute their brand-new product, Superfly. 

As part of the Bunnings Warehouse deliverable requirements, Bardee must provide the superstore with a variety of still images to showcase the product, an internal training video to assist Bunnings staff in selling the product, and a public TV commercial. 


Given that time was of the essence, we filmed two videos in one day. 

We chose to produce a classic piece on camera with Bardee’s CEO, Phoebe Gardner, with fun, eye-popping motion graphics to help convey the information for the internal Bunnings training video. 

For the advertisement, we had more creative freedom. We wanted the spot to have personality, a narrative, and something that would make our audience laugh. So many jokes could be made out of “fly poop.”

We settled on a story about two dwarf sunflowers who are being treated with Bardee’s Superfly. They joke around like two friends while casually mentioning the product’s advantages. 

This commercial combines live action and animation. We thought it would be fun to give our sunflowers faces and character voices, inspired by the silly TikTok animations where someone has animated arms on birds. These are the true stars of the commercial, with product information at the forefront of the story. However, fertiliser commercials would be incomplete without a happy family and children bonding over a little gardening. This spot highlights the sweetness of good family time behind the comedy of the narrative.


Our goal was to create an advertising clip that you could watch over and over without getting tired of. Consider our little sunflower characters as they fertilise their own plants, and imagine what they would sound like if they could talk. 












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