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Cyber Abuse Educational Video
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Case Study: Cyber Abuse Educational Videos for Intellectual Disabilities

Client: eSafety Commissioner
Agency: Creativa
Objective: Create accessible videos to educate adult individuals with intellectual disabilities on recognising and responding to cyber abuse.

To present complex information on cyber abuse and harassment in an understandable, sensitive manner for audiences with intellectual disabilities.

Creativa produced two engaging videos that:

  • Clearly defined cyber abuse and its signs.
  • Offered guidance on reporting abuse and seeking help.
  • Utilised simple language, relatable scenarios, and visual aids to enhance comprehension.


  • Improved awareness and understanding of cyber abuse among the target audience.
  • Increased empowerment and confidence in identifying and reporting incidents.
  • Received widespread acclaim from carers, educators, and the community for their clarity and empowering message.
  • Achieved extensive reach across social media and educational platforms, amplifying the project’s impact.










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