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Educational Video For Staff
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Case Study: Driver Reviver Volunteer Training Video by Creativa


Driver Reviver, a programme reducing driver weariness, encountered difficulties with volunteer training, particularly with its online site.

To enhance volunteer training and engagement by creating an educational video explaining the online portal, the program’s mission, and volunteering best practices.

Creativa produced a screen capture video that included:

  • Guide to the online portal.
  • An overview of Driver Reviver’s impact on road safety.
  • Best practices for volunteers.


Improved efficiency and ease of use for volunteers navigating the online portal.
Increased volunteer sign-ups and engagement.
Greater community awareness of driver fatigue and the program’s role in combating it.

Creativa’s educational video significantly improved Driver Reviver’s volunteer training process, leading to enhanced program operations and increased community impact.

This case illustrates the effectiveness of targeted educational content in boosting volunteer initiatives.





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