Electric Car Dreams TVC campaign <br/> <b> Maxxia</b>

Electric Car Dreams TVC campaign

Case Study: Maxxia’s ‘Electric Dreams’ Campaign


Maxxia aimed to highlight the benefits of their electric car discount and novated lease in the booming electric vehicle (EV) market.

The task was to create a cross-platform narrative that resonated with potential customers and emphasised the ease of transitioning to EVs.

Our Proposal

Creativa, alongside Studio Hoopla, conceptualised the ‘Electric Dreams’ campaign. The campaign was designed to span TV, radio, DOOH, and online platforms, focusing on the attainability of the electric dream with Maxxia’s offerings. A relatable character was introduced to establish a connection with audiences.


The campaign garnered significant attention, resulting in increased enquiries about Maxxia’s novated lease for EVs. The multi-platform approach enhanced brand recognition, cementing Maxxia’s position in the EV-novated leasing market. Through ‘Electric Dreams’, Maxxia effectively communicated that EVs are not just the future, but they are now.



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