Interactive and Personalised Video for Onboarding  <br/> <b> QBE</b>

Interactive and Personalised Video for Onboarding












QBE Onboarding Excellence: Induction Videos & Interactive Video Creation with Creativa

Discover how QBE transformed their onboarding process with Creativa’s expertise. Dive into our collaborative journey where we crafted a series of induction videos, interactive videos, and personalized experiences tailor-made for QBE’s unique needs. Induction videos are essential to set the right tone and impart crucial knowledge, and with the added layer of interactivity, new hires at QBE are equipped and engaged like never before. Learn how the right video content can elevate your onboarding process and foster seamless integration. #QBEOnboarding #InductionVideos #InteractiveVideo #CreativaCollaboration.

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