Interactive onboarding series

Interactive onboarding series

Patients Receive Treatment Faster Thanks To Interactive Personalised Videos

Note: The above video is intended to be played on an interactive hosting platform.



For QBE Insurance, the onboarding process for new workplace injury claimants was manual, costly, and time-consuming – exactly the kind of process that could benefit from the personalised and/or interactive video treatment. To automate the process, we would need branching narratives – forty different viewer journeys.  


We created an animation with a personalised introduction, and scenes to explain the claims process. Then, we created an interactive multiple choice segment that would lead to unique outcomes.


“Since early 2020, QBE have been sending an interactive and personalised video to people at the start of their workers compensation claim, or compulsory third party (CTP) claim. This has helped us overcome challenges with delivering early intervention treatment to the person who’s been injured, with 83% of people being pre-approved for treatment. This includes over 2000 physiotherapy sessions and more than 750 people fast-tracked for psychological support. The program has also enabled our case managers to identify and talk about key psychosocial risks to someone’s recovery where they couldn’t do this previously. This means we have better conversations about what the injury means to the person who’s been injured, how it’s impacting them, and what we can do to support getting their lives back together following an injury. Using a digital platform to collect psychosocial risks at scale has further enabled us to take an aggregated view and analysis of where the risks are in each insurance product line, meaning we are being data led and more accurate in risk management.”

Christopher Rymer — Head of Healthcare


The personalisation ensures the video stays, well, personal – and the accessible multiple-choice interface makes the process quick and easy. The complete experience was made available on QBE’s website – and each one concludes with a clear, direct and personalised call to action.

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