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Hey cheese lovers and tech aficionados alike!🧀

You’ve probably heard (or drooled) about the newest trend in Melbourne’s CBD – our 3D Billboard advertising creation for Jarlsberg Cheese. A massive wheel of deliciousness, so realistic you can almost smell the aromatic allure.  While the sight is gorgeous, there is a deeper story happening here. Welcome to the future of branding, powered by 3D realistic billboards, or 3DA tech if you’re wondering what we like to call them.

Brands are in a continuous battle to innovate, to captivate, and, more importantly, to resonate. In the age of digital technology, where screens abound and advertisements are omnipresent, breaking the norm is essential. This is where 3DA technology comes in. Such realistic billboards, also referred to as 3D anamorphic graphics or hyper-realistic street art, are displacing the traditional advertising paradigm.

The 3DA Revolution:

  1. Immersive Experiences: Gone are the days when ads were mere visuals to glance at. 3DA creates an experience, an interaction. It’s not just an advertisement; it’s a spectacle that people want to be part of.
  2. Tech Forward: Embracing 3DA showcases a brand’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology. It positions brands as tech-savvy pioneers, always a step ahead in the game of modern marketing.
  3. Memory Imprint: A regular billboard might get a look, but a realistic 3D one? It gets conversations, shares, and, most importantly, a lasting imprint in the memory. It’s advertising that doesn’t just stick; it embeds.
  4. Tactile Connection: While the world is submerged in the digital, there’s a craving for tangible, real-world experiences. 3DA bridges the gap, providing a tangible illusion in a digital age. It’s the best of both worlds.

Back to our mouth-watering Jarlsberg Cheese—it’s not just a testament to the cheese’s quality but a symbol of where advertising is headed. Brands that dare to step into the 3DA realm are not just noticed; they’re celebrated, discussed, and remembered.

For businesses pondering their next big move, the message is clear: Embrace 3DA. Transform from being just another brand in the crowd to becoming the talk of the town. After all, in a world of 2D images and fleeting impressions, why not add another dimension?

Talk to us; we can help take you, the future of branding is not flat; it’s deliciously three-dimensional!













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