Promotional about benefits of microdosing psychedelics

Promotional about benefits of microdosing psychedelics

A Quick Trip Through the History of LSD, its Benefits and the Future of Microdosing LSD



Psychedelics have a complicated reputation, to say the least. They’re also at the forefront of research into mental health treatments. MindBio Therapeutics is leading the charge, conducting clinical studies to explore the potential of psychedelics as medicine. They needed a video to, one, get people excited about what’s possible, and two, rehabilitate the reputations of substances like LSD.


From the word go, we recognised that people have preconceived ideas about psychedelics and their applications. To challenge those, we needed to go big picture. Whatever you think you know, let’s put in a larger context. That’s why, in story terms, we kicked off with a history lesson, before moving on to answering questions we imagined would pop up – why is this research only being done now? We were aiming for quirky, intriguing, interesting – and then to end on a big wow: the possibilities are endless. 


The video uses a range of imagery, live action and 3D animation, laid over a bouncy, upbeat track that takes you on a journey, a trip, if you will. It’s popping with colour, bursting with energy, and full of fun and interesting facts. It positions MindBio’s research in a history and context – and should expand your mind to new possibilities in mental health care. 


“Creativa…delivered a terrific video that has been well received by our investors and other stakeholders.”

Justin HankaCo-founder MindBio Therapeutics

MindBio Therapeutics is an organisation conducting clinical trials exploring the use of psychedelic medicines to treat mental health conditions.

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