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Customer Story Series

Client: MYOB

Project: “Customer Story Series”

MYOB engaged us at Creativa to produce their “customer story” series.
The series campaign consisted of a hero video, along with social cut downs and purpose shot TikTok snippets focusing on specific themes and talking directly to the TikTok audience. 

MYOB meticulously casted the talent we would feature in the series, which meant their stories were rich in meaning, a delight to dig deeper into in front of the camera. 


We wanted the visual journey to be as inspiring, fun and beautiful as the individual story. So the team carefully crafted each shot to represent the essence of what makes this bakery special: family and commitment. So to translate that to the screen, each shot is filled with smiles, laughter, banter and family (and beautiful, purpose framed light, of course). 

Using split screens in the edit meant we needed more coverage for the editor to utilise. We chose a larger team than usual to support each other to make sure we didn’t limit the artistic integrity of the overall vision. 

The interview itself, which is the backbone of the story, was scheduled with plenty of time for Phil to relax, feel comfortable with our director, and enjoy the experience. Scheduling enough time for the interview also allows the director, Phil and the client to go a little deeper with the answers, which means we end up with a richer and fuller story. 


The end result is a series of videos that capture Phil’s journey as a business owner, celebrating his success and illustrating the impact of MYOB’s services on his business. 

The video series will be featured across social media as part of the larger campaign.   

At Creativa, we pride ourselves on going deeper in our stories and thinking creatively. This means, each project is fresh and represents our client’s values and style. Have you thought about creating branded content?  Branded Videos are our expertise, contact us and let’s chat! 


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