360 Virtual tour JUKE SUV

360 Virtual tour JUKE SUV

Nissan Juke car exterior view

Note: The clips and image in this post are indicative of the 360° tour.



It’s 2020, everyone’s favourite year. Nissan has 193 dealers who need training ahead of the Nissan JUKE launch, scheduled for June. Face-to-face training is not an option. Who you gonna call?


Even if you’re a face-to-face purist, you have to admit that interactive, 360 video has ushered in a new era of remote learning. This video is a prime example. We created an interactive, 360 virtual tour of the JUKE, complete with immersive hot spots explaining the car’s unique features and selling points. We made sure experience was user-led, so salespeople could optimise their learning.

Nissan Juke car interior view of wheel



The tour engaged its intended audience. Nissan’s dealers were well up to speed by the time of the JUKE’s launch. As of this writing, the virtual tour continues to be used as a valued training resource.

Nissan Juke car interior view of back seats

Nissan is a car manufacturer founded in Japan in 1911, opening its Australian headquarters in 1972. Nissan’s stated aim is to provide unique and innovative automotive products and services.

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