Case Study: Sustainability Victoria, Recycle right

Case Study: Sustainability Victoria, Recycle right

Client: Sustainability Victoria


Sustainability Victoria, a government agency in Australia, aimed to promote proper waste disposal and recycling practices among the public.


Our agency partnered with Sustainability Victoria to create an engaging video campaign. The campaign featured Frankie (a plastic recyclable) and Slap (a reusable hat) accidentally discarded into the wrong bin. Kettle, an e-waste bin, guided them on a daring escape from the red bin, highlighting the importance of waste separation and recycling.


The video campaign captivated the audience with its entertaining narrative and vibrant animation. It generated awareness, sparked conversations, and encouraged responsible waste management practices. By collaborating with Sustainability Victoria, our agency contributed to their mission of sustainable waste management and resource efficiency.

Through the creative storytelling of Frankie, Slap, and Kettle, the campaign successfully conveyed the message of waste separation and recycling. The partnership with Sustainability Victoria empowered viewers to make a positive impact on the environment through responsible waste disposal. The campaign served as a valuable tool in promoting sustainable practices and contributing to a greener future.

Sustainability Victoria is a Victorian government agency that delivers programs on integrated waste management and resource efficiency to the state of Victoria, Australia.

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