Simplifying Superannuation Insights with personalised video<br/><b>Media Super</b>

Simplifying Superannuation Insights with personalised video
Media Super

Client: Media Super

Project: Simplifying Superannuation Insights with Engaging Video Content


Media Super identified a need for a more user-friendly manner for members to view their superannuation balances without the hassle of browsing lengthy papers and graphs.


Creativa, known for its innovative and engaging video solutions, partnered with Media Super to address this challenge. The goal was to make superannuation data both accessible and entertaining. Creativa leveraged Spark to create personalised, animated videos that summarise superannuation information into a consumable, visually appealing style.


The project employed advanced animation techniques, combining frame-by-frame animation with computer-generated graphics for a fascinating video experience. These videos were then hosted on Spark, allowing for seamless delivery directly to the inboxes of Media Super members.


The initiative was met with positive feedback from Media Super members, who appreciated the innovative approach to understanding their finances. The videos not only enhanced member engagement but also strengthened the understanding of superannuation benefits, leading to increased satisfaction and trust in Media Super.

The collaboration between Creativa and Media Super successfully transformed the way superannuation information is communicated, proving that creative storytelling and technology can make financial information both enjoyable and educational.


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