Campaign supporting Women with disabilities

Campaign supporting Women with disabilities



Women living with intellectual or cognitive disabilities can be at risk of technology-facilitated abuse. The Office of the eSafety Commissioner approached us to produce resources that would raise awareness of this topic. There would be three videos. They would need to be authentic, honest and heartfelt, targeting people who work in disability services, support workers and women living with disability.


When you’re dealing with a topic focusing on specific community with unique needs – authenticity is key. We knew we weren’t going to dream up answers on our own. That’s why we reached out to Fusion Theatre – a theatre company that develops and promotes the work of artists living with disability. We worked closely with performers, developing the stories in tandem, drawing on their experiences and insights to create compelling, authentic narratives. 


If it feels real, it’s because it is. Yes, they’re actors. Yes, these are performances. But these stories are merely composites of true accounts. And the performances come from the heart. These videos connect so that when we get to the point about there being options – about the Office providing support – our audience of professionals, support workers, and women living with disability will, we believe, be listening. 

You can watch the full three videos on the eSafety Commissioner website.


eSafety is an independent statutory office supported by the Australian Communications Media Authority, committed to keeping citizens safer online.

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