Personalised video welcoming new students

Personalised video welcoming new students

Personalised Welcome Series for New University Students



After all the study and exams, there’s no greater feeling than being accepted into the course of your dreams. It’s a special moment! To make it more special, the University of Canberra reached out to us to create a series of personalised videos congratulating new students and introducing them to the enrolment process.


We produced a series of four personalised videos to be sent out to a closed email list. Each student received a video addressing them by name and including only the information that was relevant to them. We made sure to use real students as presenters to ensure the videos felt authentic.


Personalised videos were dispatched – integrating what we’d created with data from the University’s database. The videos were a valuable tool for the University of Canberra to welcome new students, to make them feel connected – and ready to begin their studies.

The University of Canberra is a public research university with its main campus located in Bruce, Canberra.

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