Windfarm Management Documentary: Scent Detention Dogs<br/> <b> Nature Advisory</b>

Windfarm Management Documentary: Scent Detention Dogs
Nature Advisory












Case Study: Nature Advisory’s Windfarm Management Documentary

Windfarms play a crucial role in renewable energy, but they also impact bird and bat life. Nature Advisory, with extensive experience in bird and bat management, approached Creativa to produce a 2-minute documentary.


  • Communicating the importance of bird and bat management at windfarms.
  • Showcasing Nature Advisory’s expertise and process effectively.
  • Creating a visually engaging and informative video.


  • Collaborated with Creativa to merge live-action footage and drone shots, providing a comprehensive view of windfarm management.
  • Leveraged the expertise of director Dana Newell and DOP Lliam Murphy to capture captivating visuals.
  • Utilised Sarah Schwab’s design skills to create engaging animations and graphics.
  • Jeremy Pitman’s editing skills ensured a seamless flow of information.


  • Produced a compelling educational video documentary that teaches audiences about windfarm management’s importance.
  • Successfully conveyed Nature Advisory’s expertise and the benefits they bring to windfarms.
  • Received positive feedback from viewers, stakeholders, and the renewable energy industry.


Producers: Rose Damon, Francis Lim
Director: Dana Newell
Director of Photography (DOP): Lliam Murphy
Editor: Jeremy Pitman
Design: Sarah Schwab





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