Mariana Ruiz
June 3, 2024
3 min read

Welcome to Our New Team Members at Creativa!

We are thrilled to introduce our newest team members, who bring a wealth of expertise, creativity, and unique perspectives to our team. At our company, we believe that true strength lies not just in technical skills but in the powerful combination of personality, values, and a collaborative spirit. Let’s give a warm welcome to Juan, David and Lester!

Meet Juan Gerardo Gonzalez

Role: Motion Designer and Video Creator

Juan is a Colombian motion designer and video creator based in Melbourne. With a global portfolio that spans the UK, USA, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, and Australia, Juan has proven his versatility and creativity time and again. He has worked on a diverse array of projects, from educational content to TV advertisements, and everything in between.

Juan is not only a multidisciplinary designer but also a lifelong learner. His constant curiosity drives him to explore avant-garde techniques, software, tools, and trends. This dedication keeps his work dynamic and eye-catching. Known for his proactive attitude, excellent planning, and punctuality, Juan is a resourceful designer who always pushes the boundaries of creativity. We are excited to see how Juan’s innovative approach will elevate our projects.

Meet David Torre

Role: Animator (2D and 3D), Illustrator and Graphic Designer

David, also known as DAYBIZ, is a filmmaker and artist based in Melbourne, Australia, although originally from Madrid. David is an animator with a background in graphic design, illustration, and snowboard coaching, bringing a diverse skill set to our team. His main focus is on comedy and storytelling with purpose.

David specialises in 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics. His international experiences, living and working in the UK, Italy, and Canada, have enriched his artistic style and his ability to connect with diverse audiences. We look forward to seeing how David’s unique perspective and artistic flair will contribute to our creative projects.

Meet Lester Francois

Role: Integrated Producer and VR filmmaker

Lester Francois is an award winning filmmaker who excels in various formats, including virtual reality (VR). In 2018, his award-winning interactive VR documentary “RONE” premiered at SXSW and was showcased at Cannes NEXT, the New York International Film Festival, and numerous other prestigious events.

Since “RONE,” Lester has produced three more VR street art documentaries and directed a series of short VR arts documentaries in South Africa for an exhibition in Soho, London. Named a 2018 ‘One to Watch’ by Screen Producers Australia, Lester has developed various VR projects, including “The Fun of Fear,” which has received development funding from Screen Australia and Film Victoria.  A 2019 Australian Directors Guild nominee, Lester has spoken at SXSW, Future Film Festival, Real World VR, and the Melbourne International Film Festival. In addition to his VR work, he produced and directed the 2015 feature documentary “GameLoading: Rise of the Indies” and is developing several TV projects across scripted comedy and factual genres. Lester will be spearheading our immersive and technical projects here at Creativa, and we are thrilled to have his expertise on board.

Why They Are a Perfect Fit for Creativa

Our hiring process is detail-oriented and human-centric, focusing on what are traditionally called “soft skills” but which we consider our strongest assets. These include:

  • Team Player Mentality: Juan, David and Lester all exhibit a collaborative spirit, working seamlessly with others to achieve common goals.
  • Positive Attitude: Their optimistic outlook fosters a productive and creative work environment.
  • Great Communication: Each new member is an excellent communicator, essential for sharing ideas and feedback effectively.
  • Creativity and Talent: Their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience bring fresh, innovative ideas to our projects.
  • Curiosity: They all possess a deep-seated curiosity that aligns perfectly with one of our core values: the relentless pursuit of continuous learning.

We are excited to see how Juan, David, and Lester will contribute to our team with their exceptional skills, creative minds, and shared values.

Please join us in welcoming them to our amazing team!

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