October 24, 2022
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What Do Giant Cats and Nike Shoes Have In Common?

What do giant cats and Nike shoes have in common?

Both have featured in 3D Anamorphic (3DA) billboards recently – capturing a lot of attention on social media. 3DA illusions have been around for a long time, but the Nike shoes and cats only recently made it onto prominent big screens in the likes of London and Tokyo.

What is 3DA and how does it work?

Great question. Anamorphosis, in the visual arts, is an ingenious perspective technique where a distorted image of the subject, when viewed from a particular angle, becomes undistorted, creating an illusion of depth. You may have seen pavement artist 3D illusions, or those sponsors logos on football pitches that defy perspective – same thing.

With 3DA, we’ve been cracking open cans and helping aliens land

Creativa has been having some fun lately developing 3DA animations for the oOh! Media outdoor screens here in Melbourne. Here’s our UFO at the corner of LaTrobe and Swanston streets. This screen is actually two screens at right angles, so it was particularly challenging to create an anamorphic illusion. But the team figured it out.

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And for the tall screen on the corner of Bourke and Swanston streets we made 3D cans that seem to hang in mid-air.

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Now 3DA is not for everybody, but next time you’re buying big screen media time (as you do) you might wanna get more bang for your buck by going anamorphic – with Creativa. You can book a call with me to talk 3DA for your brand here. 

By Steve Bristow, Creative Director and Head of Business Development

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