Hannah Vorlicek
October 5, 2022
2 min read

Why We Don’t Offer Unlimited Revisions (Anymore)

Did you know that back when we first started making videos, we promised unlimited revisions? It was our ‘USP’ (unique selling proposition, in marketing speak).

For every video we made, we promised the client that they could request as many edits as they wanted. That meant our team could go back and forth for weeks (sometimes months), making tweaks and changes, re-editing, re-shooting, and changing the font size… Only for some things to go back to the way they looked in the first place.

Truthfully? It was exhausting. Not just for us, and the people keeping track of, making and communicating all the changes… but also, for our clients.

  • Unlimited revisions = freedom.
  • Unlimited revisions = endless possibilities.
  • Unlimited revisions = the ability to change your mind.

These all seem like good things, but when it comes to our experience, they can hamstring a good project. Too many revisions equal too many choices, too many ways to move forward, too much freedom to chop and change after major decisions have been made.

All of this culminates in more work than is worth it, and we’ve learned from that experience. What we believe now is that pre-production is where it’s at – that’s where we brainstorm, revise or scrap ideas, and have an open conversation with the client about treatment and creativity.

Because even though unlimited revisions might seem like an appealing selling point, they don’t give you a better outcome than a solid pre-production process.

If you’re looking for a team of creatives that will encourage you to be creative, interesting, and bold, and empower you to be decisive? You’re looking at ’em. Get in touch with us to start your video project.

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