June 29, 2023
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Yakult ‘Drink Yakult Everyday’ TVC Campaign

As a Creative Producer, I’ve been fortunate to work on a diverse array of productions, ranging from long-form feature films and broadcast television shows to concise advertisements for various platforms such as TV, cinema, and online mediums. Each project has its own unique demands and challenges, making my journey in the industry both thrilling and rewarding.

While producing a feature film often feels like running a marathon due to the extensive time and resources involved, creating a TV or online commercial presents a different kind of challenge. Despite the shorter time frame, it requires unwavering endurance and a sustained level of focus. The pace is fast, and every decision carry weight.

Whether I’m producing a feature film or a short advertisement, the fundamental principles of production remain largely consistent. In the realm of advertising, production value is typically exceptional, showcasing a commitment to visual and technical excellence. However, one key aspect that significantly varies is the approach to storytelling. The structure of storytelling in commercials tends to be more simplistic compared to long-form films. Commercials have a limited window to present their argument, and the best ones are masterful exercises in brevity. The audience doesn’t choose the product; instead, it is presented to them. Nevertheless, effective commercials still manage to leave a lasting impact by delivering a clear and memorable message.

Recently, Creativa had the privilege of being approached by doq, a Sydney-based marketing agency, to produce a new TV Commercial campaign for one of their prominent clients, Yakult.  Yakult, a favourite among the Creativa team, is a popular probiotic drink originating from Japan. It contains Lactobacillus Casei Shirota, a beneficial bacteria that supports gut health.

This collaboration presented an exciting opportunity to combine Creativa’s creative expertise with doq’s marketing insights, enabling us to craft a compelling advertisement that would resonate with the target audience.

With the objective of capturing a larger share of the daily consumer market within its existing user base, Creativa embarked on a mission to devise a captivating creative concept. Our focus was on engaging young families with children, specifically targeting parents in their 30s-40s, with a special emphasis on mothers. To achieve this, Creativa presented both live-action and animated creative concepts to doq and Yakult.

The team during production behind the scenes

The live-action commercial, titled “I’ll Have the Usual,” incorporated a visual gag with humour and heart. The concept revolved around the idea that kids are endearing, especially when they imitate adult behaviour. We aimed to showcase that regardless of having a good or bad day, Yakult is always a delightful choice.

For the TV animated commercial, ‘Into the Bottle’, we opted for a dynamic approach to capture the sense of fun and positive association with the brand. This involved blending realistic 3D animation with live-action talent, delving inside the bottle to create visually striking moments. The commercial presented Yakult as a delightful and healthy beverage for everyday consumption.

The project entailed meticulous planning, attention to detail, and close collaboration with doq’s team to ensure the commercial seamlessly aligned with the client’s brand identity and marketing objectives. From brainstorming innovative concepts to executing the final production, every step was carefully orchestrated to create visually captivating narratives that would engage viewers.

As the Creative Producer, my role encompassed overseeing all aspects of production, from assembling a talented team of creatives and technicians to managing the budget and timeline. With a shared vision and a deep understanding of the client’s needs, our team at Creativa wholeheartedly embraced the challenge.

It was a real team effort with Creative Director Steve Bristow directing the animated commercial ‘Into the Bottle’ and Live-action Director Dana Newell helming the ‘I’ll Have the Usual’ commercial.  Head of Design and Animation Sarah Schwab and Lead Animator Monica Ip supervised a team of designers and animators, including key animators Julian Rodriguez and Gayangana Amarasena.  Online Editor Jeremy Pitman supervised the post-production process and original music was composed by Nate Kohrs.

Throughout the journey, we leveraged our collective expertise in visual storytelling, employing dynamic cinematography, thoughtful editing techniques, and playful music and sound design to create compelling and emotionally resonant commercials. We meticulously crafted each frame, ensuring that every visual element contributed to the overarching narrative and amplified the impact of the message.

After months of dedicated work and precise attention to detail, the campaign was ready to be unveiled to the world. It was an exhilarating moment as all the hard work and creative energy converged into concise, impactful stories that would hopefully capture the attention of the target audience and drive results for our client.

The experience of working on this TVC campaign reinforced the notion that storytelling is at the heart of every successful production, regardless of its length or format. Whether it’s a feature film that takes years to develop or a short advertisement that demands razor-sharp conciseness, the power of a well-crafted narrative cannot be underestimated.

As a Creative Producer, I am constantly inspired by the endless possibilities that lie within the realm of production. Each project presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, pushing me to grow and refine my skills as a storyteller. Whether it’s a feature film, a television series, or a commercial, I embrace the chance to collaborate with talented individuals and create engaging content that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

Looking forward, I am excited to continue my journey as a Creative Producer at Creativa, seeking out new projects that push the boundaries of storytelling and challenge me to explore uncharted territories. It is a privilege to be a part of such a dynamic industry.

Steve Jablonski

Senior Creative Producer at Creativa


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