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We are a creative content and technology studio, bringing your brand and audience closer together through video production.

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Melbourne based, Australian owned.

Our Showreel

We provide complete creative video production and animation services for clients and agencies all over Australia. Whatever type of video you need, wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.
We provide complete creative video production and animation services for clients and agencies all over Australia. Whatever type of video you need, wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.


We’re big fans of animation - its flexibility, creativity and way it breaks down complex ideas into entertaining animated videos. You can mix it with live action, with immersive video (think 360°, augmented reality, and more), or let it shine by itself.
Anime with a corporate flavour. Event animation produced for Manulife, a multinational insurance company and financial services provider.

Live Action

Video production with experts who know how to work with people, from actors to employees. With live action, we make meaningful connections with your audience using real people.
6,000 years in six minutes. Live action documentary produced for Victorian state government department, DELWP.

Personalised Video

With the right information - simple variables like name or life stage - we can create a personalised video experience for each member of your target audience, ensuring your content stays relevant to them. And we can add interactivity too, engaging your audience and allowing them to choose their own adventure.
“Congratulations Alexander”. This personalised video welcomes new students by name to their new high school, Villanova College.

AR, VR & More

Virtual reality, 360° video. Augmented reality. Interactivity. Together, we can immerse audiences in memorable experiences using innovative technologies. Watch some of our favourite examples.
See examples of immersive content in action.

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Making a video with us is easy

We guide you through a simple step by step pipeline so that you are confident, informed, and ready for the next step.


Request a proposal

Contact us with your brief – vague or in-depth – or call us if you have any burning questions.

If we need more information, we’ll get in touch for a chat. Then we’ll have a think and come back to you with a proposal. Say yes to our proposal and we’re ready to go.

Clarity session

This is a meeting with key team members (our, and yours) and project stakeholders (yours!) to make sure we have a deep understanding of your goals and requirements, plus the project’s content and creative execution.


Pre-production = before we make your video.

Our creative team will work with you on the style, the script and the storyboard. Oh, and we’ve built in feedback points all through the pipeline, so you’re as involved as much or as little as your calendar allows. You’ll get a timeline so you can keep track of it all.


We’ve got the storyboard, the script and the style of video – could be animated, live action, VR, AR, a mix of those, or something else. Yay! If your video has a voiceover, we will record that now. We’ll start looking into what kind of music fits your video.


The home stretch. Our team will put in the final touches, like editing or sound design.


It’s all done, and now we’ve got to get it to you. You’ll get the whole package, including any music licences or captions.




We’re a video production studio in Melbourne for brands looking to make meaningful connections with their audiences. Fill out a quick form to get an estimate from our team within two working days.

So happy we worked with Creativa to bring our big vision to life.

Nicole Kleppe, WAVE Advocacy and Communications Coordinator

Everything was highly organised. Very grateful for Creativa’s help!

Lachlan Christie, Workplace Relations Specialist

Thank you for your brilliant work — it was masterfully shot and produced, telling this incredible story so very beautifully.

Terry Garwood, Deputy Secretary, DELWP, DEL

Our production team is in-house, using our creative and technical skills to work on exciting projects from our West Melbourne studio.

Our clients come back to us, time and again, because of our friendly and accessible approach to video production and account management.

Whether you’re looking for AR, animation or something you don’t have a word for yet, our experienced and passionate team has you covered.


What makes Creativa different?

Our mission is to make meaningful connections between brands and their audiences with innovative digital content. For you, this means more audience engagement, involvement, and emotional connection to your message. We’re not just interested in the content, we’re focused on making the connection.

We also have a really wide range of experience and services, from your classic live action and animation, to new technologies like immersive and personalised content. We’re talking augmented reality, virtual reality, 360° video, and interactivity – experiences that will make your customers feel super connected to your brand. Plus, we’re the leading personalised video production studio in Melbourne. Have you heard of personalised video production? We pioneered it.

So, we can make videos. And more importantly, we know how to make them connect with your audience – we want to make sure that your video makes an impact on your customer. That kind of work goes deeper than just what ends up on the screen at the end – it’s a culmination of positive team collaboration, creative thinking, intelligent decisions, decades of experience, and clear, aligned strategy.

It’s a difference that you’ll notice when you work with a video production studio that is clued into what makes you and your audience connect, so that your content delivers.

It’s Creativa.

Where are you located?

We are a Melbourne based video production and animation studio, but we have crews across Australia to help you make stand-out video content that connects with your audience. Our team of animators are in-house, so we’re able to collaborate with clients not only in Melbourne, but across Australia, and internationally. Our mission is to help our clients make more meaningful connections with their audience using innovative digital content – whether that content is animation, live action, or otherwise!


Who do you work with?

We work with organisations across Australia – and some international ones too! The awesome people we collaborate with cover a wide range of industries; corporate, commercial, healthcare, aged care, agencies, real estate, government, not-for-profit and more. We’ve been around since 2009, starting out in Melbourne, so we’re well versed in all kinds of video content, for all different types of clients and their needs.


What does your typical production process look like?

We work on animation, live action video production, immersive video and personalised video content projects. Since they all have different video production pipelines, the individual process varies. But, we can give you an overview.

Normally, we start off with a brief, build a project proposal for your team to review, and have a clarity session where we ask each other questions, get to know our teams, and go through the next steps for your video. We’ll then kick off your project!

We move on to the next steps once we’re aligned on vision and strategy (usually after a clarity session). This is where we decide on an approach and work on your script and storyboard, which both become the backbone of our video production process.

From there, the action begins. We shoot, we animate we get the ball rolling.

Then we hit the home stretch. Our team will put in the final touches on your video, like editing or sound design. Then, it’s all done, and now we’ve just got to get it to you – usually, this will be an email to your inbox with a link to download your video. Easy!

Get in touch with us for a full rundown of our process or to learn more about our creative video production company. Commercial, corporate video, creative content or all of the above – we’ll make your video production journey fun, creative and human.

What kinds of video do you make?

All kinds of videos! We have four core services: live action, animation, personalised video and immersive content. Because of our unique range of capabilities, we are able to make any kind of video from a straightforward animated video to an immersive VR experience. We have experience with TV commercials, corporate video production, commercial videography, 2D or 3D animation, internal company videos, lots of healthcare content, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that we also pioneered personalised video production in Australia; video content that combines data and technology to speak directly to your audience. This kind of cutting-edge technology is what drives us forward as a creative video production studio.

Can you help us with all our video content?

Yes. We make more than corporate videos, and if you’re not seeing what you’re looking for on our website, we can set up a call to discuss your video production needs.
We’ve been part of the video production scene in Melbourne for almost a decade. That’s why we have lots of long-standing working relationships with our clients, built on years of trust and experience in video production.

So if you’re bouncing around from one video production studio to another, we recommend you make a home for your video production and animation here with our studio.

Get in touch with us!

Do you do corporate videography, commercial videography or event videography?

We do! We partner with multiple conferences and events each year to film and produce their videography. We are able to be your commercial videographer or corporate videographer – from Melbourne to your city, we are the studio for you.

Do you specialise in corporate video production?

Yes, and we make more than just corporate videos. Have a look at all the different examples of our favourite projects and best work. And if you’re not seeing what you’re looking for there, we can set up a call to discuss your video needs.


What is working with you like?

Working with us, you’ll find a team that supports your team and vision from start to finish, making sure that the final video meets your brief and connects with your intended audience. We want your video production experience to be smooth, communicative and fun. We love making videos, and our aim is for you to finish the project excited and enthralled by the process too!


For your burning questions, queries, or to chat through a project.