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Working from their Melbourne studio, Creativa is a team of full-time, in-house content professionals with decades of combined experience in video production, animation production and new media production. Whether it is heartwarming videos that connect people, delightful animations that inspire customers, or personalised and interactive multimedia experiences that level up your audience engagement, our talented team of creatives can help you realise your goals. For the team here at Creativa, it is not just about the final edit and deliverable, it is about your video production and animation journey. Together, we can start something wonderful.

Founded in Melbourne in 2009, Creativa has grown to become Australia’s most innovative animation and video production studio. We aim to arouse intrigue, fascination and awe with the work that we do, and always ask the big question – why? – before we start a project. We do that because we’re all about keeping that purpose and focus clear – so we can keep the heart of the story alive throughout the whole project. Because any story worth telling is a story worth telling well.

That’s why our clients love to work with us. We work to learn the story, understand the problem, and collaboratively – with you, and with our team – we provide a creative solution. 

And it’s not just our clients that love us – we’ve won a few awards for our work. To be recognised amongst 15,000 entries in the 2020 Muse Creative Awards, especially when they include some of the world’s best creative talent? That is genuinely humbling. And we believe that’s a story worth telling. From straight corporate video production to clever and concise animated videos, we are ready to help you shape and tell your story.

Video Production

From corporate video production to story driven campaigns, our talented team of video professionals can help tell your story.

Keep your audience’s attention with compelling content that tells a story they won’t want to stop watching. Video content is more than moving images – it’s the next step for content marketing and customer engagement – online and in person. We can help you tell your story through video production at Creativa.



Animation is a fantastic storytelling medium and is perfect for everything from an educational, explainer video, to epic adventures filled with colourful characters.

Using animation means more creative control over the end product, as you can capture visuals and scenes that may be impossible to shoot live. Our producers and scriptwriters will help you ensure that the story you are telling through animation hits the mark for your audience.



Think outside the box with content and get even more creative with 360° video, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Our video production studio takes an innovative approach to storytelling with our multimedia capabilities.These technologies open up your world with all sorts of possibilities – from on-screen engagement to in-person engagement. From creating a virtual tour, to including virtual reality immersion in your next audience communication, Creativa can take storytelling to the next level with our digital technology capabilities.



Pioneering personalised and interactive video production in Australia, we are specialists in content that combines data and technology to speak directly to your audience.

With digital technology moving forward in leaps and bounds, your audience wants individual personalisation, constant contact, rewards for their loyalty and multiple ways to communicate with your brand – from social media to website chat functions. Using personalised video in your communication takes regular audience engagement a step further because it satisfies the critical criteria of effective communication – verbal, non-verbal and visual.


Glowing Reviews

"We’re so happy we worked with Creativa to bring our big vision to life."
Nicole Kleppe - International Women's Development Agency

Award winner

Named Distinguished Agency at Horizon awards!
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Creativa provides complete video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies nationwide, specialising in creating content that engages Aussie audiences. Working with local crews dotted around the country to capture live-action video footage, we manage all the coordination for you. Whatever type of video you need, we’ve got you covered.