Mariana Ruiz
May 14, 2024
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FOOH Ad Campaigns The New Trend To Captivate Audiences On Social Media

Creativa offers innovative advertising services from DOOH to FOOH, which creates digital content that mimics real-world out-of-home advertising.

This content is crafted to appear as if dynamic advertising campaigns are unfolding live on the streets, but they are actually shared online to captivate a digital audience. FOOH is perfect for generating buzz, launching new products, and telling compelling brand stories in a cost-effective and highly shareable way. This service allows for complete creative freedom, using advanced video production and animation techniques to produce scenes that integrate seamlessly into real-world environments, enhancing engagement without the physical constraints and costs of traditional advertising.

Have you seen this one?

DECJUBA has landed its must-have Winter fashion piece with an epic social media stunt. The innovative FOOH clip has captured the attention of DECJUBA lovers, generating over half a million views on social media overnight and marking the arrival of the brand’s newest D-LUXE Basics puffer collection.

Created in partnership with HERO and Creativa, the fake out-of-home clip shows the puffer-clad plane arriving at Melbourne Airport to the surprise of the startled passengers inside the terminal, with viewers on social media asking, “Is that for real?!”.

Our pioneering service, FOOH (Fake Out of Home) advertising, transforms traditional storytelling across diverse platforms and media channels. Imagine witnessing colossal advertising campaigns unfolding live right before your eyes—but it’s all an illusion crafted through cutting-edge technology. Here’s why our FOOH service is a game-changer in narrative innovation:

What is FOOH?

FOOH stands for fake out-of-home advertising. It involves producing content that mimics real-world out-of-home advertising, such as billboards, posters, or installations. The twist? These are digitally created and designed to look as if they’re happening on the streets. This digital content is then shared online to capture audience attention, as if it were unfolding live in public spaces.

How it Works
Using state-of-the-art video production and animation techniques, our team crafts visually striking scenes that integrate seamlessly into real-world environments. These scenes are then distributed across digital platforms, social media, and sometimes in digital displays that replicate an outdoor setting, giving the impression of an outdoor campaign without the physical installation.

Why Brands Love FOOH

Brands are drawn to FOOH for its ability to generate buzz and engagement through creative deception. This format allows for imaginative, often fantastical advertising that can go viral, drawing attention not just for the content, but also for the cleverness of its presentation. It’s particularly effective for:

  • Launching new products: Imagine showcasing a giant product replica in a bustling square—only it’s completely digital.
  • Special promotions: Creating a scene where something extraordinary happens, like a superhero saving the day right in the city center, linked to a promotion.
  • Brand storytelling: is telling a brand’s story in a way that feels grand and integrated into everyday life.

Here are some examples of Fake out-of-home campaigns 

Benefits of FOOH

  • Cost-Effective: There is no need for physical production costs associated with traditional out-of-home advertising
  • Highly Shareable: Designed to be shared on social media, increasing reach and engagement.
  • Complete Creative Freedom: Without the constraints of physical production, your imagination is the limit.

Our FOOH service merges creativity with advanced technology to craft unique advertising experiences that captivate and engage audiences worldwide. Whether it’s making a digital dinosaur roam the streets or a spaceship landing on a famous landmark, our FOOH campaigns make the improbable seem possible, giving your brand the attention it deserves.  Interested? Contact us Our innovative video production and animation agency sets trends, not just follows them.


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