Mariana Ruiz
November 17, 2023
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🎉Celebrating a Milestone in Augmented Reality and Heritage Preservation

🎉Creativa Triumphs at Melbourne Awards 2023: Unveiling An Augmented Reality Heritage Storytelling🏆

This past Saturday, November 11, 2023,  marked a significant milestone for us at Creativa. Our team had the honour of showcasing our ground-breaking AR location-aware app, “Discovery Cemeteries,” at the prestigious Melbourne Awards 2023 gala dinner. Being named a finalist in the Knowledge and Innovation category is a monumental achievement and a true reflection of the hard work, creativity, and innovative spirit that drive our team.  This actually feels like being AWARD WINNERS!

Innovative Technology Meets Cultural Heritage

“Discovery Cemeteries” represents the zenith of our commitment to blending augmented reality (AR) technology, visual storytelling, and videography to revolutionise real-world experiences—a true immersive experience!  This innovative AR app is designed to animate the rich histories and stories of individuals interred at The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, including notable figures like Revel Cooper, Alfred Tipper, Marion Bill Edwards, and Bill Bull. Our goal with “Discovery Cemeteries” is not just to share stories but to create an immersive, educational experience that bridges the past with the present.

Creativa Recognition from the City of Melbourne

Receiving acknowledgement from the City of Melbourne for our efforts in pushing the boundaries of creative technology and innovation is incredibly rewarding. This recognition is not just for our app development but for the potential AR technology has for preserving and celebrating heritage and history.

The gala evening was a testament to the vibrant, forward-thinking tech community that Melbourne harbours. Being amidst so many exceptional teams, each showcasing their advanced tech projects, was truly inspiring and a reminder of the city’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and creativity.

Team at City of Melbourne Awards 

A Heartfelt Thanks to the Community and City of Melbourne

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the City of Melbourne for not only organising such an esteemed event but also for their continual support of the community in every conceivable way. Their dedication to nurturing innovation helps maintain Melbourne’s position as a leader in technology and creativity, both in Australia and globally.

Looking Forward with Optimism and Creativity

As proud members of Melbourne’s thriving technology and innovation landscape, we at Creativa are excited about the future. We eagerly anticipate contributing further to the city’s vibrant tech and creative scene. “Discovery Cemeteries” is just the beginning of our journey to harness AR technology for storytelling and heritage preservation.

Creativa team at Melbourne Awards 2023

Connect with Creativa

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